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    Rollback Unranked Character usage

    LOOK GARY, THERE I AM! but yeah, this has been pretty accurate what you see most of the time cries in losing Marth n Falco MU
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    Any ideas for skins?

    Wow, sounds like a fun and generous thing to be doing! if you dont mind at all, i had an idea muself for Roy that being simple like All blue being a dark gray, Hair Black, n dark Blue pants that is if you dont mind adding that to your list
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    Request 20XX Character Toggle To Vanilla?

    Is there a possibility to import the code in 20XX that, with the press of Z, to visually see the name and character change, most notably for Sheik and Sopo? It's more so the idea of a quality of life installment to not have to press and hold every time, even if some are already used to it...
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    CSS Expansion Possiblity?

    With our current technology, would it be possible to expand the current roster, specifically to add Sheik
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    Dol Style code load 50/50

    currently, im running a double code in gecko loaded by MCM that loads Luigi targets over Venom, and Roy's over Corneria Both of which are similar to this NTSC 1.02 28480686 FF0000XX 00480687 000000YY E2000001 00000000 as of now, this code does work and loads the custom stages, but they also...
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    Request Tingle Be Gone DOL?

    I was hoping to see if there was a DOL/Gecko code for Tingle on the great bay stage, since i currently have an Omega I've the default, but he still loads up regardless. Especially now that i just learned that popping the balloon while too close does damage apperently?! But yes, any help would...
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    Beat a man while he's down

    Ok but why tho After saddneing hours if realization and denial... Mac losing his Dreamland Express as a reason to a bug is just unfair My question is what Mac beat one of Nintendo's lackey's to go and say to fix Mac up for good? Sure alit of Mac's tools are still fantastic from the previous...
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    [Updated 5/22!] Project M + BrawlEX: A starter's guide

    If anyone could help, I set up a sonix clone with a specific color order in the hex editor, but the 4th costume loads the original, blue is green, and green loads the 4th. As far as I though I read it all correctly! 00 00 03 01 01 02 07 03 09 04 08 05 04 06 02 07 0A 08 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00...
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    Project Custom Characters! (NEW! "Ami" and "Snake" 13/05/2020)

    so a Lucina and wario custom moveset and animations eh? The Question being ofcoarse is who Wario would take up as Marth for lucy is pretty easy to see. Tho this would be much more interesting if the possibility of extra character icons where implemented to keep orginal fighters as well
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    The Next Melee Character?

    After some time reading around, seeing the tools needed to use custom move sets, as well as custom models imported or made from scratch as to go along with the codes people have been able to come up with. But the question I bring up is simple. With the technology we have now, the experience...
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    Completed Peach - FSmash Angles Determine FSmash Type

    month's later here to say, you have predicted the future
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    Dol offset style code help for stage imports

    implemented and working flawlessly! If I may ask, how would I go to add other stages to the list as well?
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    Dol offset style code help for stage imports

    thanks for the info, but with my confusion up and running, may I ask how I would inject these codes into MCM in the correct format?
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    Dol offset style code help for stage imports

    I've tried looking around in the area's and unless its Gecko which doesn't apply to Melee code manager; I've needed to ask how would one load a Target Test onto another stage in order to load stage imports? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Clock Town Peril

    For awhile now, I've been trying to implement clock town as a Smashville alternate main set stage for local tourny's, however, the stage just doesn't load anytime except during nighttime! the link is posted here from the Legacy developers, and im hoping someone has a solution that'll make this...
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