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Recent content by Vader614

  1. Vader614

    Can't Touch This! The G&W Ducking Thread.

    Niice! This is good work, Retro! Definitely gonna save this on my phone. :)
  2. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Hey guys, it's been a while since the last update to our G&W MU chart, but now I believe it's time for another update. I got some mixed feelings with a few characters that I want to discuss about, but first before I start to update the MU chart again, I want to make a G&W meeting to discuss the...
  3. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Unless there's more balance patches in the future for Smash 4 or just miscalculation, this is the FINAL version of the G&W MU Chart! Enjoy and hope you guys find this MU chart useful in general. +2=Advantage +1=Slight Advantage 0=Even -1=Slight Disadvantage -2=Disadvantage -3=Strong...
  4. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Surprise guys! The G&W MU chart has been updated sooner than expected, right? Well that's because Patch 1.1.6 just recently came out and while I technically could just only touch Bayonetta, I decide to go back into some past tournament matches and feedback on some players and decided to give the...
  5. Vader614

    I don't play Villager at all. Probably got the wrong person, but it's interesting that there's...

    I don't play Villager at all. Probably got the wrong person, but it's interesting that there's another person that's named "Vader". ^^;
  6. Vader614

    That's possibly me. =)

    That's possibly me. =)
  7. Vader614

    Editorial: A Smashing Debate, Part 5 (Finale)

    Guys...Guys. We all know what we have to with Bayonetta... -Vader
  8. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Hey my awesome G&W homies. It's time to reveal the newly, updated G&W MU chart! Side Notes: 1.) This MU chart has been briefly discussed with the G&W Skype group as well as hearing shout outs from some professional players I contacted on FaceBook. 2.) Some of the MUs that have been changed...
  9. Vader614

    Thank you. I love Star Wars and Darth Vader. ;)

    Thank you. I love Star Wars and Darth Vader. ;)
  10. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Fox will always be a -2 for G&W. Fox's neutral is a lot stronger than G&W, he's faster, using Bucket on Fox's Blaster is pointless as expansioN mentioned, we can't do our Down Throw combos on him immediately since he's a fast-faller, his jab beats ours since his comes out faster. The only thing...
  11. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Alright guys. After getting myself back into being active in the Smash 4 tournament scene and fought some strong players, I'm going to be planning on updating the MU chart again shortly. Once the MU chart is updated again, the MU chart will no longer be updated until at least at EVO 2016...
  12. Vader614

    Good secondary for Wario?

    Hey guys. Name's Vader and I've been playing Sm4sh competitively since 04/25/15 (almost 10 days from being officially been playing in tournaments for a year) and my signature main is :4gaw: . For about less than a month, I've recently picked up :4wario: to be my secondary and I also have a...
  13. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Okay guys, the MU chart has been updated, especially with the latest patch released! Remember, it's: +2=Easily favors for G&W +1=Favors for G&W. 0=A 50/50 chance where G&W can win or lose to -1=Harder characters for G&W to win against, but it can still be possible. -2=Almost to never...
  14. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    Hey guys, thanks for your guys thoughts on the MU chart, especially now with the recent new patch just released last night. I'm definitely going to be redoing the MU chart in the near future, but first I want to wait out till the patch is fully analyze with all characters and possibly discuss...
  15. Vader614

    The G&W MU Chart

    I might consider changing it in our favor in a couple of months like after Apex or EVO 2016 so we can get better MU information for Bayonetta and Corrin. =)
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