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Recent content by Uncle

  1. Uncle

    SkillKeeper - TrueSkill™ Rankings Bookkeeper

    First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who played a part in creating this program. It's super efficient and not hard to use in the slightest. Now, here's a question I have: Is it possible to combine two worlds together, as in merging the bacon files?
  2. Uncle

    Meteor Smash Monthly @ Mulligan Games - Greensboro, NC - August 15, 2015

    The Meteor Smash TOs and the staff of Mulligan Games Gaming Emporium would like to thank all of the participants once again for making our first monthly a success! We learned much from this experience, and we intend on making our next monthly even better thanks to your feedback. SINGLES (49...
  3. Uncle

    Social Bowser's Castle

    I like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing they're going for there. Based on the criteria, three of North Carolina's Top 10 players should be on that list for defeating Degree 2-4 players at Super Smash Con. Stingers (currently our #4) would also have a claim for his performance at Final...
  4. Uncle

    Social Bowser's Castle

    I'm late with this, but I just wanted to say that Smash Con was a great experience, overall. I got 65th out of 740+, which is nothing amazing, but I'm not an amazing player yet, so it fits! My Bowser tore through everyone in my two rounds of pools except for Nairo and a rock-solid Luigi player...
  5. Uncle

    Social Bowser's Castle

    Jero, it was awesome to see you again (we haven't talked in person since the late Brawl days), play a bunch of friendlies with you, and compete against you. It was also really cool of you to give me a sneak peek at your latest Koopa research. ;) To everyone else, let it be known that Jerodak is...
  6. Uncle

    Bowser mains, what are your secondaries?

    Recently, I've been playing a lot with my 2nd favorite Mario character of all time. :4wario2: I love how he feels in this game, and I've been favoring him over Bowser for most matchups. It's a hard knock life for the King of Awesome, as much as I still love playing him.
  7. Uncle

    Utilizing Fire Breath in competitive play

    I've only found a practical use for Fire Roar in two matchups: Duck Hunt and Villager -The roar can blow away the can, the gunmen, and possibly damage Duck Hunt at the same time. -The roar can harass Villager from a fairly safe distance when he stands behind his trip root, and it destroys...
  8. Uncle

    Bowser 1.0.8 changes

    You really think so? Utilt was below average before, but now it's solid. Hitting little guys in front of me and having a whopping ten frames shaved off the end is no joke. I'm already getting better pressure and mixup results with it.
  9. Uncle

    Bowser Interview Thread - ASK MREH QUESTIONS!!!

    Oh noez! I hope I'm not too late to vote for @Zigsta and ensure that he becomes Lord Commander of the Night's Watch the next player interviewed.
  10. Uncle

    Landing Bowser's Forward Smash.

    ^ This, all of this is right. Also, you can get creative and launch a FSmash out of nowhere after landing with any of our side B specials. It gets even more hilarious if you land in one direction, and then immediately pivot FSmash. They are viable mindgames, but they should be used sparingly...
  11. Uncle

    Stuff N' Such Smash Weekly: WiiU 5/17 | Raleigh, NC

    Hosted by: NEG|Dark Hart & NEG|MrBeenReady Entrants: 31 Entry Fee: $5 Pot Split: 50/25/15/10 Rules: EVO Check out www.facebook.com/notevengood for even more tournament goodness. 6549
  12. Uncle

    Bowser Interview Thread - ASK MREH QUESTIONS!!!

    I vote for Cassius, as well. Of course, I'd love to see an interview for every prominent Bowser, eventually.
  13. Uncle

    Bowser's Keep - Bowser Video Archive

    THE TIME HAS COME. Some of my matches from a recent customs-on local (almost two weeks ago) got recorded on stream, guys. This is the first time I've posted any videos of myself playing Smash 4, so it'll be great to get critique from my Bowser Brethren. Any advice would be much appreciated...
  14. Uncle

    Bowser and the art of empty hopping

    Indeed. Bowser players don't gain anything by repeatedly retreating from their opponents. Our character doesn't have a mechanic like Wario's fart that rewards him for stalling for time. What the hell are we going to stall for? Fire Roar's recharge? Bowser is a raider, ravager, and conqueror. If...
  15. Uncle

    Social Bowser's Castle

    The only things about Brawl Bowser I miss are Flying Slam's disjoint, Bowsercide not working against you, Klaw Hopping, FSmash windback, Jab's extra reach, and grab release follow-ups. Everything else is good riddance.
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