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  • So what happened on July 2nd, 2018?
    Thank you for the exact answer I was looking for

    Lol, I mean how they are user #401120, with their account created in 2009. The users on either side of him, #401120> and #401121< had their accounts created on July 2nd, 2018. So something must have happened that day. Was it an account reinstatement?
    I'm not sure how it works but I joined SWF in 2009 and quit in 2012(?) and made a new account under this name, which after rightfully complaining imo that User Blogs are not a feature of this site any longer when they should be, that ineffectual discussion led to my very old account being merged w this one.
    OMG DRAGON! I haven't seen you in so long XD! I hope we can talk again soon ^^;! I miss the old days XD.

    Well, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Dragon ^__^! I hop you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's filled with happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    DB, where have you been? >.<

    Post in the group you've created! (referring to the '09 BR) :088:
    i know it sounds crazy right?? lol
    but yea, my family(EVERYONE. cousins, uncles, aunts, even grandparents) all played on chirstmas eve, and it was the greatest christmas of my life. i come from a family of dancers(especially when they are drunk) so it was hilarious. id go so far to saying that it is the greatest party game ive ever played. but it is specially designed to make you look like an idiot. hahaha i absolutely love it and recommend it!
    not much.... christmas is over, the new year has just begun and now.... were back in school... fml hahah!
    but yea, lately ive been addicted to Just Dance 2, but thats about it haha :)
    nope, i dont play an instrument... im not very musically talented!
    well, just keep practicing lol youve already got me beat!!
    hmmm... cool! hopefully everythings going fine with all that change! wne did you pick up the guitar?
    how is it going mate?^^
    its been a while, i came back to see what happened to you guys and you quitted smash :(
    oh yea?? i see i see. well, life has been just fine. a few things have changed, mostly for the better, so im pretty happy about that!
    I've taken a fascination to birds and flying. x.x

    That's pretty much the only reasoning behind it lol.
    Lol. I feel you. I recently caught wind of a band that I've never heard of but I like their music. Nightwish is the only rock band I like so far. Really trippy. Good luck with the guitar. :D
    mhm... it'll get better. :p

    If they did then yep. :3 It was through my first attempts at self teaching that I learned about unicode. (That's how I got that symbol in my username.)
    I see. That's cool, so you're starting guitar? Well how's that coming along?
    Lol, gotta start small. :p

    Some basic stuff, familiarized myself with a few different coding languages and such. Once I get some free time I'll start looking more into a few others. Just trying to get the groundwork. x.x
    mhm. Technology da bess.
    Oh really? You should enjoy that class. Though I haven't been able to actually take a class, I know the stuff is pretty interesting. :D

    Thanks. :)
    Well UT has the Turing Scholars program for Computer Science majors so that's a big plus. Rice is an ivy league university so it's up there on its academics, which I really like. And I dunno about A&M. People have just been telling about their good Comp Sci program.

    Depending on whether I get accepted for a scholarship I'm applying for or not will also sway my decision. o.o
    Yep. I'm deciding between UT and Rice, and for some reason a lot of people are telling me to consider A&M.
    Well, pretty much finalizing all of my college apps and scholarship apps. Need to check if UT got all of my stuff and I need to print some forms for my counselor. Mail off a few more things and I'm done. x.x
    Thank you. I know I doesn't afraid of anything. =P I know how staff works, I'm an admin/moderator on many other forums - and I know how far I can take things. I know how far over the rope I can dance, and I know when to lay low. The fact is - I haven't really been doing anything... 'wrong'...I just went about it in a way staff doesn't agree with. =P
    Yeah. Things have been pretty busy for me. I just sent my reply back. Yeah, I hope we can finish this week too ^__^.

    It's really good artwork, Dragon ^__^. Yink must have a lot of good avi's under his belt. I've only gotten my avi's from google images XD. Maybe I can ask Dinah to make one for me...
    I'm so sorry Dragon :(. I've been busy and I haven't been able to check my PMs :(. But, I'll respond today ^__^. Again, I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond :(.

    And you're back to that the old Dragon ^__^! You really made a good choice when it came to your avi, Dragon, it really looks great ^__^.
    My opening uses Pawns to influence the center, like most openings. I just happen to try to protect them with other Pawns instead of pieces, though I'm starting to change that.

    The formation is a bit trapping. It restricts the Bishops to the opposite side they started from and keeps the Knights out of the center for too long. It also makes Castling harder because there's less of a Pawn wall for the King to hide behind.
    You haven't; I've used this since joining.

    It's just a classical pawn structure that utilizes pawns for protection instead of other pieces. I need to learn and incorporate more openings because this one is too slow and hinders my knights.
    Because it fits me so well.
    If that's not enough of a reason, here's three more:
    1. My main focus here is the Poké Center
    2. Most of my smash mains are pokémon
    3. Can't see the url I need to type in of pics I might want as an avie due to alwasy being on either Wii or DSi

    This game with twiz is annoying me. His style is nothing like anyone I can remember playing. Feel free to check it out if you want, I left a link for dual because he was interested.
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