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    Stages in Project M: Are We Using the Right Ones?

    ProjectMGame should utilize the Stage Expansion patch and make page 1 completely comp viable and page 2 silly stage (assuming format in the 78-stage pack) [Page 1] *bottom row, viable in both 1v1 and 2v2* -Final Destination [Melee] -Smashville [Brawl] -Battlefield [Brawl] -Dreamland [64]...
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    Things about PM you love/hate the most?

    Love: -An actually balanced roster -Turbo Mode -Samus' beam switch -DK roll -Wario's moveset -Split Pokemon Trainer pokes -Alt Costumes Hate: -Invincibility on getting up from a non-teched pratfall (I always thought this was utter nonsense in both Melee and Brawl because it ruined perfectly...
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    Will the PMBR borrow ideas from the Smash direct?

    I have a suspicion that the FD mode for each stage is heavily inspired by the stage reskins that the hacking community uses. I doubt that he does not acknowledge that it exists, at the very least.
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    Mario Universe Mario Kart General Discussion - 200CC Announced | Second DLC Pack Coming in May!

    Something tells me that, assuming it actually is N64 Yoshi Valley (can't imagine them reusing that name), that they'll be making the long path antigravity against the sides of the peaks, make the bridge path also be antigravity and make the long bridge a flight section.
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    New Characters for Project M Discussion Thread (Voting Closed)

    If double mode really does become a thing, they should make it so that if you choose Luigi or Mario, the opposite brother is your partner (possibly using the same moveset and hitbox [by being just a hidden vertex hack I suppose] in order to not desync wildly), similar deal with Diddy via a Dixie...
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    New Characters for Project M Discussion Thread (Voting Closed)

    I remembered that time where Ganondorf's moveset wasn't still derivative in Project M . . . . oh. The point I was trying to make is, considering how long it takes to develop a character without all of the tools and crewmanship that the original developers did and without pay, that if they get...
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    New Characters for Project M Discussion Thread (Voting Closed)

    Would you rather see a character as playable and as a clone or not-playable and still as an assist trophy? :lick:
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    New Characters for Project M Discussion Thread (Voting Closed)

    Here is a somewhat funny suggestion, but due to how much Falco, Snake, Lucario, Zelda and Marth from their Brawl counterparts, if the Project M team manages to circumvent the character cap (possibly by using the BrawlEX system or something similar), they could just tweak the stats and speeds of...
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    Exact replicas of past stages or competitive versions?

    I think a lot of people disregard the fact that there can be stages that can be both competitive and unappealing and ones that are easily banned and fun. For example, I found Melee's Battlefield and Yoshi's Story to be complete garbage in terms of design and much preferred Fountain of Dreams...
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    SSB4 Rumours and Leaks

    The texture for most of the trinkets and her dress looks the same though, and the rings on her arms look like how the Brawl model looks without the sheen: Pretty much the only part that I really see as different is the hair, and even then, that wouldn't take that long to photoshop if you're...
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    SSB4 Rumours and Leaks

    Am I missing something here? This looks just like the Brawl trophy rigged to a character as a mod with the second trinket from the top right edited, which isn't hard because they're flat 2D images. :/
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    The Ideal "4.0"

    -Project M adopts the Expansion Pack to create their own unique roster, with 39 tournament viable stages on page 1 and the more casual stages on page 2 -Ganondorf gets a sword mode taunt switch ala Samus -A launch option for Project M allows turbo wifi by default -A launch option that causes it...
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    Hey Seph, nice to hear from you again. Sorry that I didn't respond earlier.

    Hey Seph, nice to hear from you again. Sorry that I didn't respond earlier.
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    Unpopular Smash 4 Opinions - share them here!

    -Each 3rd party should get 2 reps so that Sonic and Shin Megami Tensei, Metal Gear and Castlevania, Megaman and Phoenix Wright and Pacman and Tales can all be represented by Sega, Konami, Capcom and Namco, respectively -Palutena only should be an assist trophy or remain Pit's final smash -If...
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    Casual Stages You'd Like to See

    If they do add back the original version of WarioWare, I hope that they replace the bonuses for doing things right with something less ridiculous like healing. It's just wrong when three people get stars and the other gets pummeled as a giant or when someone gets nothing because items are off...
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