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  • It's currently $14.99 on Steam but sometimes they have those "pay what you want for this indie pack" on Steam so it's possible to get the game for 1 cent lol.
    Great game, frustrating as hell but also rewarding when you finally beat a level after dying 50+ times lol.

    This is me playing Super Meat Boy:
    You're older than me!? o_O (Did not know that...)

    And good stuff man, I'm currently playing some retro games: Pokemon Crystal (GBC), Super Meat Boy (PC) and 999 on my DS. :cool:
    Let me know if you do! Then I'll send you an invite to the group chat!

    And good to know, have you started school yet? Playing any games lately?
    I accomplished that while the PokeCenter was still active. Nowadays I hang with the Light House and Media Metropolis. Glad to see you back again!
    You should make one then lol. The LH skype chat is a lot of fun.

    Anyways, how you been lately dude?
    Hey Uber, do you have a Skype account? If so, want me to invite you to the LH skype chat?
    Seems as though I wont be playing after all....

    For a while..
    My we is ***** up, I think it has something to do with... my cousin
    The disk want come out or play, every time i press the eject button it makes a clicking noses

    I so salty

    Sorry for the late hit back!

    Heck Yea!

    Its been a while since wee playd

    but at the moment i have a lot to do. ill be online at 5

    or earlier possibly
    Never really noticed it. Thanks anyway. That was a lot of fun, even if I'm not that great of a player.
    Yeah, I have time.

    ( 3222-6165-1451 (Your Brawl FC. Putting this in here just so I can remember). Glad to know that we won't need to do this anymore on the Wii-U).
    Uh, I found it on another forum. Unfortunately, I forgot which one. ;-;
    The good stuff!!

    I'm able to go to touneys now!

    and I just graduated from hi school and will be attending college
    I heard it awhile ago, although it was last year. I have to say, it's a really great theme that I enjoy listening to. Game is The Embodiment of Sacrlet Devil.
    Never mind. I found the song.
    Lloyd Irving, from Tales of Symphonia.

    It's a fantastic RPG for the GCN (and PS2, but that's imported).
    That's Yink lol. It's a sprite made from Raziek. It's a Fire Emblem swap.
    I JUST NOW noticed that my quote is in your sig.
    XD I lol'd hard XD
    I'm sorry, after i get home from the class my parents want me to study for my last final tomorrow, and then they're gonna make me go to bed @ 9:00. I'm rly sorry
    uh, i've gotta be @ martial arts @ 5:30, and it's across town, so i have to leave kinda early
    If ur still there we can do it now.
    My CP is RC and i would like the Neutral to be Smashville
    Yeah I can tell xD He does have some great glitches o__o; can't believe I overlooked these dx
    definatly uber go ahead you can have another week or so to get it done.
    uh, you can have teh win.

    I've got 5 essays due tomorrow, and i've got 3 so far, so i really need to get these done.

    So Sorry.
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