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  • get on aim so we can talk lol.

    i live in Ct, but if its lag you're worrying about, dont.

    my internet is awesome
    Oh sorry you caught me when I'm about to cook lol..
    Also it seems that I had a storm yesterday morning so there will be lag for a while.
    If you want to brawl later that is..
    fun games lol sorry I left so early. your girl Ann (assuming thats her) is a pretty good peach once she learns the match up and I don't know what happened the first two we did one vs one I usually do better than that.

    well I'll stop pestering you for a while now cuz your not much of a talker see ya.
    snowballbob kicks *** lol I learned so much from him and finally beat him the last round I played so now I'm better with fox thanks to him. :D
    ok ........ um sure just lemme know when you will be online...... later.

    (is very confused)
    why did you not ask me for a fox mirror match? Tell me da truth I can take it.
    if you have trouble with wigi I can help you with him he is one of my secondaries.
    Btw did you add my new fc?
    sorry bout not adding you earlier but I am now just post me when you wanna brawl or if you see me online.
    Oh I see, Ann is your gf. hmm and she shes a Peach main?
    thats cool =3
    and you also gotten better as well
    I'd be happy to help her Peach get better : )
    you there are you tyler its a me cola. good a games man just kiddin Im not italian
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