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Truth the Ceomasterz33

Hi I'm Richard "Truth" Jakeson-Pine
I'm Indonesians!
Also Jakeson and Pine Family
I'm RuneScape Franchise,MLBB,Henry Stickmin And Innersloth Games! and Smash Fans
Also i like Time Zone Researchers!
As CeoMasterz33
Also real name Ryas Arindra Maulana
Also Loves Cool,Liking N' Reacts Savagers,Dangerous reactions and Shakedown: SmashBoards
Also is Centralian Knights
Imperial Royal Guard General Says!
"For Imperial and Ashen Iron Wolves on Baltic!"
Apr 23, 2005 (Age: 16)
Wonosobo, Jateng, Indonesia


Twitch.tv Username


Loves Innersloth Games!
MLBB in Smash!
Runescape for Smash!
Shakedown: Hawaii in Smash!
RCR for Smash!
Henry Stickmin in Smash!
I'm Cool,Liking N Reacting Savagers,Dangerous likers
Shakedown: SmashBoards!
Justice for Archangel Tyr!
Be Awakening! Knights! Blessed be Truth! Imperial!




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