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Recent content by troooer579

  1. troooer579

    TM18 Rain Dance - December 7th, 2013 - *******, GA

    Thinking about comming to this one >.<
  2. troooer579

    AUSOM 7 Revenge of Evil Little Foot

    Looks pretty decent. Thinking about coming to this one. :D
  3. troooer579

    The Salty Spitoon XI (Friday lock in, everything is free!)

    Well, if there is salt party 4 and mafia involved, I'm in.
  4. troooer579

    The Salty Spitoon III: How Tough Are Ya? BigLou's Birthday Bash!

    Hey can anyone give me a ride?
  5. troooer579

    Salt Mines III

    yea found out ur car is full so i guess i can only hope someone can give me a ride
  6. troooer579

    Salt Mines III

    i am interested. i will probably go IF Billy is going, if not i will need a ride to go. So anyone available to pick me up? :D
  7. troooer579

    Salt Mines 8/6 Lithonia, Georgia.

    i wish i was there ._.
  8. troooer579

    The Salt Mines; Featuring 100% More Salt!

    i wish i could go but billy said his car is full AGAIN >.<
  9. troooer579

    Georgia Social Thread

    when will they have waba again? :(
  10. troooer579

    Luigi Finder Thread, DON'T CLOSE THIS THREAD!

    green or troooer (i dont care)- milton GA
  11. troooer579


  12. troooer579

    Salt2, YO We on t3h lookout for dat trashcan thief!

    i can go for sure this time, the only reason i cant come is if billy wont let me come or billy wont have any room in his car ;D
  13. troooer579

    Salt2, YO We on t3h lookout for dat trashcan thief!

    The random character tournament sounds like a lot of fun :awesome: also i might be able to come i just need a ride. Also does anyone know if billys going to the tournament too? EDIT: Ill bring a wii and a TV, but i might need help carrying the TV
  14. troooer579

    The Alabama Power Rankings: Image=protier

    lol im comming :D i hope billys there though :P
  15. troooer579

    BBC 1:Lounis' Birthday:$200+ Bonus Pot: M2k, BigLou, Reflex, Seibrik, Kadaj

    can you add me to the planned attendence thx :)
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