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Nov 23, 2017 at 11:45 AM
Jun 15, 2014
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Art of the Spacie Gimp

Trip was last seen:
Nov 23, 2017 at 11:45 AM
    1. hologram summer
      hologram summer
      can you add me to sheik skype chat? my skype is sinjihn_smith
      1. Trip
        so onfortunatly the skype chat I started back then got invaded and polluted to oblivion. many of us have abadonned it by now.
        I suggst you contact Mewantmorepie and request you get added to the recent shiek chat
        Dec 31, 2015
    2. IckyCafe
      Can you add me to the Sheik Skype chat? My skype is IckyCafe
    3. Journal
      Did you ever figure out the platform cancel nairs consistently?
      1. Trip
        not really. I also figured I have more important stuff to work on first. I do see the potential and I have actually done a few DC Nairs on purpose in friendlies. And funny stuff I actually started to find Shield Drop Nair (not that usefull) and SH FF Nair (very strong) to be way more easy after messing with DC/PC stuff.
        How about you?
        Jul 2, 2015
      2. Journal
        I'm pretty much in the same boat. My tech skill is still very much in its infancy and I have a lot to work on first, but when I found out that it could be done I just wanted to get that out there.
        Jul 2, 2015
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