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    Your most valuable games?

    My most valuable Gameboy game is Pokemon Red.:006:
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    Introduction 3 years later.

    Welcome to the Forums :b: Have a great time here. Also my smash desire is Ridley too.
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    I live in Springfield Play Mostly brawl. I also play melee
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    Favorite Mario Game! Which Are Yours?

    I love the Mario & Luigi series because Nintendo and alpha dream make a very unique Mario RPGs:4mario:
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    Hello Guys

    Hey guys I joined this site because I mainly wanted to compete in tournaments. I'm really good at brawl. I'm OK with melee. I Haven't played the Super smash bros on the N64 yet. I live in Virginia. I also like other fighting games like Tekken, but Mainly Smash bros. Anyway I Hope all of us can...