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  • Hi, sorry for not notifying you sooner but the brawl singles will be happening tomorrow in http://xat.com/xat196531958. You might be pleased that I got rid of the character lock, so only if you get 1st-3rd in placements you will have to tell me the characters you used in the tourney, not all just the ones you used the most. Thanks and hope to see you there at 3:00 EST or 12:00 PST!
    Hi, just putting a heads up saying I won't be able to do the tourney tomorrow. I may get someone but idk yet, I will keep you updated.
    Hi, Tosic the tourney will be happening today (Saturday) at 12:00 PST or 3:00 EST, I hope to see you there. Thanks!
    if your wanting to join the tournament you'll have to sign yourself up, theres a list of participants on the first page, you can sign yourself up there.
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