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  • Woops, didn't see the replay you made 8 hours ago LOL. Well, Luigi and Mario have some of the same moves and techniques: I'm no Mario main but I can give some general pointers. First of all, charging Fludd takes way too long. Yes, you CAN push them away with it, but a good player will jump over it and find a way around it. Mario's aerials are like Luigi's in some ways; the nair has the same sex kick properties, the uair has the same animation and almost same knockback. In general, I find the nair is useful as a KO move and as a suprise attack; the way it stays out so long catches people off-guard. Mario's Fsmash is a good KO move, and his fair is a great spike, but it might be a little hard to intercept with it. Mario is very good at gimping; his cape and FLUDD almost ensure that the opponent won't be making it back on stage. In general though, don't get too spammy with the projectiles; characters with absorbers and reflectors can punish, and you tend to get predictable very fast. On that note; don't get too predictable. You might have seen that when you jumped up to do a dair on me, I shieldgrabbed it. After this happens about 3 times, you should mix up your game a little. Get creative. Don't fall into the same trap. This generally is what supports a good Smasher from a not-so-good one. In brawl, shieldgrabs are godly. Don't be afraid to use it. Also, keep on moving; by standing still you are a sitting duck. Always try to stay one step ahead of your competition. Smash is one half tech stuff; the other half deals with mindgames, predicting, and out-thinking your opponent. This is usually the deciding factor in many matches. For a 2nd day player, you are pretty good! Just remember to keep working on it and have fun.

    I'll be glad anytime I'm available to help you refine your technique! :D Mario bros. fight to the death!
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