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Recent content by Tope

  1. Tope

    San Antonio Smash 4 Thread

    Heck yes man! Sent you a pm
  2. Tope

    San Antonio Smash 4 Thread

    Unfortunately my housing possibility fell through so is anyone able to help out me and my buddy Tuesday night? I'll buy you dinner (:
  3. Tope

    San Antonio Smash 4 Thread

    Cool man thanks, much appreciated
  4. Tope

    San Antonio Smash 4 Thread

    Sup guys, I've got a crazy cross country trip happening as I move to California. Long story short I'll be passing through San Antonio Tuesday night the 15th of July and would love to crash and smash with someone. Haven't been to a Texas tournament since mlg dallas. Anyone trying to play with...
  5. Tope

    Atlantic South [January 03, 2016] Smash at MacNarb! (Gautier, Mississippi)

    Yea, I'll do my best to make it out to this, time to bring some sheik to the south. Edit: In your original post at the top it says the venue opens at 3PM and right below that it says PM starts at 1.
  6. Tope

    [Aug 9, 2014] Strapped for Cash 1 (Norfolk, VA)

    August 9th confirmed! Presenting: Strapped for Cash 1, hosted by Tope. Venue 5$ Melee Singles 5$ Melee Doubles 5$ Project M tournament TBD Tentative schedule 11AM Doors open/registration 1PM Singles tournament 5PM Doubles tournment 10PM Everybody out time I'll be running singles ahead of...
  7. Tope

    [Nov 1, 2015] Team Arlington presents: *Pound* 6. Fall/Winter 2015 (Frederick, MD)

    Been to pounds 1-5 and can't wait for this one. Let me know if you need help running pools or just someone to yell things
  8. Tope

    Live Free and DI Results

    Fun tourney, surprising lack of foxes in melee results. Colosso Champion definitely played him.
  9. Tope

    Xanadu: Pearl Edition Results

    Great to see everyone come up for this. Need to have more events like this in the future. Also newlyweds proving that they still have what it takes to be competitive in teams is awesome!
  10. Tope

    Official Smash Evo Qualifier: Zenith 2013 - Ft. Melee, 64 and... - June 1st, 2013 - Morristown, NJ

    Pretty sure Kel's still has the advantage over me. I'd be totally satisfied being in the top 8. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  11. Tope

    Official Smash Evo Qualifier: Zenith 2013 - Ft. Melee, 64 and... - June 1st, 2013 - Morristown, NJ

    Doesn't sound competitive to me, MD/VA is just gonna get stomped. Be that as it may, can I play for em too?
  12. Tope

    The MDVA Melee Power Rankings - June 2014

    Lots of character diversity in the top 3
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