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  • So I was thinking if Kyle isn't able to take us up to Tempe this weekend, if we could get Nick to drive us. He's in town, right? Idk if he really knows the brawlers well enough to want to go and stay for the party or what. Has Kyle had any progress?
    You won't be able to get it. With a Premium, by default it's lime green, if you decide to prank yourself then it's pink. I'm pretty sure Orange is reserved for writters, like Wobbles.
    bonus points for an automatic censor dodging count every time you post lol. How do you change it?
    That does honestly make me want to get back into it (with Swoops' help I think). And hell, if Kazuya is low tier, I'm feelin my classic Yoshimitsu shenanigans
    Outsmart him lol he's a pattern.

    If MK dairs your shield, bair.

    If MK SHnairs your shield, grab, or dash attack.

    Pivot grab a lot.

    Use nades to beat tornado.

    Use C4 to recover if it looks like he has a shot at even touching you.

    Any time you dash attack a shield, dacus it.

    Nade camp.

    Fair works, use it (sparingly).

    Never jab, ever.

    Chris, though being a cool guy, isn't that great of an MK. He relies on the fact that MK is absolutely busted, and beats you guys on that merit alone. Learn the match-up as much as possible, and you'll finally start ****** on him.

    Top level MKs though... ugh. Funnily enough, Diddy can't even recover against an MK who knows wtf they're doing, lol.
    mmkoy, ask him when I can go over. I may or may not have to fill in for someone at work until 2.
    Yeah, I know I'll have to reload. Well thanks for letting me know about the doubles problems it has, I didn't even know.
    That's fine. I'm just using the Pima computers. I'll be in class tonight as well so I'll call ur house after 9 to see what's up. much hype for some plushies
    SO, you're out early for finals right?
    I guess whenever you see this then, let me know if you talked to Kyle
    I call a seat if/when he drives up there ;)
    (and it's a one-day thing, right?)
    So... you should totally let me know whenever you guys plan on going to the u. You and I both need to practice hardcore and I figure you know when you're going by Thursday night cuz Kyle can pick you up the next day from school and whatnot............................ totally
    1. I'm pretty sure I am going to Elite Four. I'll probably know by Wed./Thurs

    2. Yeah I do still need a ride to that Tekken tourney. I'll give you gas money or buy you food, whichever you pleases you the most.

    Practice your Tekken. Practice those air strings, and bound combos. The sample combos they give you in the command list in practice mode aren't too bad, it's just finding out what moves that are used thats difficult.
    1. You're going to Elite Four, right? I managed to get a ride with Jane so Hopefully you're going too, presumably via Kyle.

    2. Do you still need a ride to that Tekken thing in December?
    No, the guy in my avatar is Bob Ross, a painter that died back in '95 I believe. My actual name is Tommy, and the 'Der Meister' part is the name of a song from one of my favorite bands; Rammstein.
    Thanks for the accept ;]
    Is you username the name of the guy in your avatar?
    Is your wii updated to SM 4.0?
    Because I have the same problem with geckoOS as you do it keeps freezing on the black screen after the codes are applied Or did you get it fixed?
    For sure on a weekend... I've been talking to a lot of then people from the tourney and weekends sounds like the only day available to all of us..
    We should totally have a big smashfest for fun :]

    Whenever and Wherever.
    Hey man, Gratz on winning the PNT Tourney. Its Rev :] Incase my name wasn't Obvious enough to let you know that haha..

    But we should totally brawl and do some Friendlies and stuff if you ever want too.
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