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    Break dancing

    Yeah but it wouldn't be pretty. I'm also too afraid of spraining my wrists or pulling something that should not be pulled so I stick to normie dancing.
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    The Thing - Game Concluded. What would have happened posted, mysteries tomorrow

    Heh I remember loving it so much that I was able to fly the Batpredator into space to follow them. Then we just kerblammo'd Doomsday into deep space and were like "uhhhhh should we go after him?" "he's already gone." "well then... good?" I was assuming he would come back at some point but we...
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    The Thing - Game Concluded. What would have happened posted, mysteries tomorrow

    I first found you by constantly waiting in the middle of the city, listening to the police frequency for anything that sounded like either something you would go to if you were also listening to the frequency, or something you were doing. When it wasn't you I would either dispatch vigilante...
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    The Thing - Game Concluded. What would have happened posted, mysteries tomorrow

    @Pythag Hey you don't have only one claim to fame. Remember when we were in an apartment building with me as the Ruffian and we were sneaking out of Sancho's apartment, and we were leaving on a fire escape and then we both made the action to jump on him to kinda forcefully but not that...
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    The Thing - Game Concluded. What would have happened posted, mysteries tomorrow

    I don't think I knew much other than that you were working with Lau to some degree, who I also never really interacted with. Though Lau was one of the people to get a riddle right while I did the whole city vs. Black Mask! But I was never really onto your trail, though I did look into it. For a...
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    The Thing - Game Concluded. What would have happened posted, mysteries tomorrow

    AGames are amazing and if I won the lottery I'd just pay someone to run one for us professionally. Most of my favourite gaming memories are from AGames. You get a lot out of them that you can't really get out of a video game. No matter "open" a video game world tries to be, it will be a hundred...
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    Quick Question

    It depends on the nature of the video. If it's for entertainment, it would go here. If it's instructional, I'd find the appropriate forum for what game/characters the video is about and look for a place to post it there.
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    A Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones Season 5 Discussion

    The stuff that goes down in Winterfell during ADWD is my favourite part that I think they are going to do this season.
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    looking for great game OSTs

    Hotline Miami 1 & 2, and Chrono Cross. Golden Sun 1 & 2 has a pretty great soundtrack if you don't mind the limitations of the GBA sound.
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    Where have all the rock stars gone?

    I wonder if musical tastes change faster now that there is so much more stuff available. A band, even one that tries really hard to evolve their sound, is never going to be able to adapt to current tastes as well as a record company that can hand-pick their stars and produce all their music. I...
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    Did you like The Dark Knight Rises? What about it compaed to TDK?

    Yes I thought TDK was miles better than Rises. The script for Rises is so much weaker it's kinda hard to believe it was written by the same people. The editing is also a little iffy in parts. And it contains a lot more dumb things happening for the sake of drama. Like the entire police force...
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    The Legend of Korra

    I don't think Kuvira is going to be a part of the Red Lotus. The Red Lotus was about to achieve their ultimate goal and Kuvira was still fighting against them. And right now she seems to be pretty clearly fighting for the opposite goals of the Red Lotus again, trying to establish order and...
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    What Songs They Would Sing

    Sup Virg! So it looks like you solved the issues Jam brought up as far as I can tell. Though the "fantasy voice" is still there. It is more fantasy-voice than I am used to reading, though I didn't mind it. Your prose is pretty good. Good word choice and variety of sentence structure. I think...
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    Movie Talk!!

    Enemy is a pretty cool movie. It's one of the few (if not the only) movie I've seen that's shot in Toronto that's actually set in Toronto. It's about a guy played by Jake Gyllenhaal who discovers and bit part actor in a movie that looks identical to him. It's a slow-paced thriller in the vein of...
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    The SURVIVOR series (Season 26 airs Feb. 13!)

    New season is pretty decent so far in terms of entertainment value. I keep changing my mind on who I'm cheering for though. Tony is at least one player who is playing the game hard enough to get invited back, even if every time he makes a decision it's a coinflip as to whether it'll be brilliant...