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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I was freaking out the whole trailer... Daisy finally playable and Zelda is adorable! Now if they would bring back individual Break the Targets and Board the Platforms, but especially the funny end-of-round bonuses.
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    Smash Wii U [News] Wii U encryption keys cracked!

    This is for those of you following the homebrew scene. Could this mean a serious rebalance project for H tier, I mean Smash 4? Only time will tell...
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    RisingVexx Reintroduces 'The Stun Jacket' Glitch

    That Palutena jab to usmash looked amazing.
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    Waluigi for Project:M finally released - everything should be all good now

    @Marioking64DS So I noticed on your YT, you had videos with Ridley and allusions to future work on K. Rool (*squee!*) and Black Shadow. Do those have a development topic, or can we discuss them here too? EDIT: Oh, I see from the comments that Ridley was someone else's. Still, that was pretty cool.
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    Super Smash Bros. Melee's Intro... Re-animated!

    Now if they could just add this to 20XX...
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    Character Tech Showcase: Kirby

    I always wondered how much milage Kirby got out of his copy abilities... too bad he only gets one move, unlike his games. @Hyper_Nova I'm also studying Software Engineering; working on my MS at East Carolina University.
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    And dash attack, right...? Come to think of it, I wonder if reflecting/ps'ing one of Leaf Shield's leaves sends back the whole thing. Anyway, how safe is shield pressure while your opponent has a Crash Bomb on? I've seen guys on FG keep their shield up and get it broken (with my help), but what...
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    So I just read that dair is reflectable o.O Not something I would want to learn the hard way...
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    What is your win rate % on For Glory (1v1) and who do you main?

    I'm around 20%, haha. I tend to get matched with people slightly better than I am that play me for awhile. I play exclusively Megaman on FG. (Trivia: on For Fun I use Dark Pit)
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    Q&A Game Play Advice and General Discussion

    I think once you get really comfortable with your character, you'll start getting a little extra time to think. I recently started noticing patterns in my opponent, like when they always approach from the air. Just play more people and see different styles of fighting.
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    Yeah, I was fighting a Lucina earlier and surprisingly made her miss a lot by just moving around more. (Of course then she started tracking me with Dancing Blade, but I suppose I should just shield that and not be open when she's starting it up.) Watch out for bombs too, huh? Okay, maybe I can...
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    That's a good point; I need to study how they're getting behind me. I'll look for it next session and take more replays. Pivot ftilt is pretty handy; I should use it more often. Though, sometimes I get that when I'm trying to pivot grab. Any tips on pivot grabbing without requiring L+A? Oh...
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    A utilt... behind me? Can you input a reverse one or do you have to turn around first? Well, I'll look into it next session. How do Link's projectiles fare against ours? He also likes to lock down and the only option I've found for arrows is to just duck. Like, they force me to stop my spam to...
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    Meta Zero's Advice: General Matchup Q&A

    Any tips for not panicking when the opponent gets too close? Especially when they're right behind me? I have a bad habit of dsmashing or rolling when I need something faster.
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    Q&A Game Play Advice and General Discussion

    Oh man, I should've opened this thread a long time ago. @Problem2 that advice was so good I had to reread it a few times. Megaman player here. I jump on FG now and then, with about a 20% win rate. I'd like to get better though, haha. What are some tips for dealing with rushdown characters? I...
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