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    Shine OoS with Falco

    Noticed thread from Sep 26 with the same question. My b. I’ll keep practicing
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    Shine OoS with Falco

    Hello! I have problem with shining OoS with Falco using strumming method described in this LuCKy's video: Even though I am still very inconsistent with multishinig in general, I was able to shine OoS with Fox by sliding my thumb from X to B, but i always do shieldgrab instead of shine OoS...
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    Question about shield drop and ports

    Thank you! Now I see how plugging your controller while stick is not in neutral position can influence certain things (and shield drops can be affected greatly by this, I guess). I assume you can also reset your controller with X+Y+Start in addition to checking shield drops. Totally forgot about...
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    Question about shield drop and ports

    Hello, Smashboards, happy holidays to everyone! So I was watching Holiday Bash and saw Hugs testing his shield drops after assigning different controller port (Hugs did it in previous set too): Why he was doing it and how ports affect shield drops? Thanks in advance!
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    What is teeter-canceling?

    It's basically edge-cancel without dropping from the edge, your character stop at very edge of the platform. Here is a video from SSBM tutorials about edge-cancelling, teeter cancel is also mentioned here
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    Hello! Glad I've finally registered here.

    Hello, my name is Tim. I am amateur smasher from Russia. My aquaintance with Smash began in 2014 when I picked up ssb4. My friend and I played this game a lot before we found about competitive smash. We really liked how deep is this game, we started learning about advanced techniques and game...
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