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Recent content by Tiffany

  1. T

    Best mii brawler set?

    I get this is opinion based mostly but overall what would be the best set for mii brawler. I'm currently using 1231.
  2. T

    Kill combos?

    What character has the earliest kill confirm?
  3. T

    Easy kill confirm

    What character has the earliest kill confirm?
  4. T

    Stupid kill confirm

    What character has the cheesiest, earliest, and easy to land kill confirm?
  5. T

    Help? King K Rool

    Idk what to do man, I keep logging on to elite smash with king k then imminently lose it to a combo heavy character that juggles and flies around me. How do I get around this?
  6. T

    Kink k help

    Does anyone have any idea how I as a kink k rool can deal with and counter all of the combo heavy characters in online play?
  7. T


    I've been playing k rool since the game launched and am loving the character, but as soon as I step online I get crushed by combos after combos. I realize he's a heavy and this is part of the heavy main life but seriously, how do you possibly win against this. And tips, ideas, playstyles, or...
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