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Mar 15, 2008
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March 15

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Smash Hero, Male, from #winning

New forums are cheeks. Trying way too hard to be Twitter and Facebook. Feb 18, 2013

    1. Thiocyanide
      New forums are cheeks. Trying way too hard to be Twitter and Facebook.
    2. VietGeek

      obv :012:
    3. VietGeek
      best costume


      obv :012:
    4. solecalibur
      k lemme know when u change ur mind
      Im 70% of the time on my own myself, but the other 30% I do generally win more
    5. solecalibur
      need a ranked partner? im 1450~
    6. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      Never seriously played his Falco with MK yet, maybe a few dumb friendlies, so I wouldn't know.

      But yeah, sounds like something Ramin would do alright LOL
      His cap looked dumb too imo. He doesn't usually do that :(
    7. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      His Falco is boring? Haha, he just plays tactical imo.
      His Snake is a ***** to fight with ZSS imo :( Definitely one of my worst MU's with her though.

      Did you play his Marth with ZSS? I hope you didn't give him no armor pieces...
    8. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      I'll see if I can hyperbolic time chamber with Mr R if he wants D:

      Oh well. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll just pull a Leffen and become good in Melee, the game is easier anyway :awesome:
    9. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      I'm not that good though so I'd have to either
      1. Step it up
      2. Get a lot of people to like me and stop being a douche
      3. Practice against CPU's til m2k level
    10. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      I should step it up and learn how to platform cancel 100% consistently, that way Americans will like me and donate.
    11. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      Xonar donation fond next time :obv:
    12. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      If only I had the money :/

      I sure want to go to America for Smash and cool peeps and the like some time. Afraid that I won't ever get the cash for it though :C
    13. #HBC | ZoZo
      #HBC | ZoZo
      nice ava BRO
    14. adumbrodeus
      Alright, you can unblock my avie now, it's something you'd appreciate a lot more.
    15. adumbrodeus
      So you're not able to appreciate my expert troll of the MLP community? Awwww
    16. adumbrodeus
      Ok, seriously thio, you think my little dr. mcninja makes sense as a pony fanboy avie? Dr. mcninja kills people, a lot of them. I gave it a chance and watched an episode (I'm open minded, but it isn't good enough to justify the fanbase or spending significant time).

      If "friendship" involves massive body counts I clearly picked the wrong one.
    17. Zankoku
      The only two Touhou characters I ever used extensively were Flandre Scarlet and Kirisame Marisa. There were only brief one-offs of Remilia Scarlet, Yakumo Yukari, and Saigyouji Yuyuko otherwise, among a selection of characters from other games, characters from anime series, a few original characters, and a Protoss Archon.
    18. Zankoku
      I'd been on a "magical girl" theme since spring, so not even the majority of my avatars this year were Touhou anyway.
    19. Zankoku
      It's been Naoto for a while.
    20. ConnorTheKid
      I don't know. I just thought your name is really cool because I'm in a chem class atm hahah
    21. ConnorTheKid
      SCN!!! THIOCYANIdE!!!
    22. Smooth Criminal
      Smooth Criminal
      I concur. They're freaking retarded.
    23. Smooth Criminal
      Smooth Criminal

      Keep it coming, Thio. I don't blame you.

      *is talking about the MK ban thread.*
    24. Omni
      lol @ you vs doc. i feel ur pain
    25. NeverKnowsBest
      I love the Mami avy =D
    26. clowsui
      With regards to your CP system, how is the system affected if the CP'ing process for game two and onwards?
    27. clowsui
      Your proposed replacement to the counterpicking system is ready for use, right? I'm running a tournament on January 22nd of next year but I'm making the thread now, so I just wanted to make sure that this was the case. I think it's an excellent idea worth trying.
    28. Ripple
      what did chibo do? where I find?
    29. Ripple
      weird. why?
    30. Ripple
      were you demoted?
    31. SuSa
      Okay, thought so. (about your avatar)

      Thanks for the support.

    32. SuSa
      If you like the thread, please please please support it. I need member backing before any real changes or BBR debates can possibly ever happen about it. The system NEEDS to be fixed, but the members need to step up and say they want it fixed.

      Plus my currents fixes (most of them) actually AVOID banning MK or banning ANYTHING to be honest....I don't want to resort to a ban, but it's the easiest - most efficient method to be honest; so I support it.

      Anyways.. what is your avatar from?

    33. Veril
      Veril is the gamertag version of my favorite word in any language.

      Veriloquy (archaic english): a. speaking truth b. the true etymology and meaning of a word.
    34. Veril
      oh, that's actually really cool

      clever clever
    35. Veril
      what's so special about SCN-?
    36. Chen Li Cha
    37. Keblerelf
      Hi. Are you free tonight? I was thinking of getting a group of people in one of the lounges at around 8 or so and play a bit of smash. Do you think you can come and bring your setup?
    38. Nanaki
    39. Espy Rose
      Espy Rose
      SWF needs more love for Black Lagoon.
    40. Mr. Escalator
      Mr. Escalator
      Wow, your avatar gives me the impression you have great tastes in anime. Confirm or Deny.
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    March 15
    Melee Main:
    Brawl Main:
    Zero Suit Samus
    Smash Wii U Main:
    Graduated from Smasher to real life person. /flex


    Windows Live:
    [email protected]


    BigM ~ "idk cyanide out playing me? maybe hes a better player?."​
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