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    Närcon in Sweden is hosting doubles tournament for SBBM and SSBB, just wanna check who's coming!

    Wow so there are smashers in Sweden :D I would like to come, but I can't find enough info, and I'm unsure since it's a long way from where I live (Stockholm)
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    How many active smashers are there in Sweden in the Stockholm area?

    I'm new to competitive smash, or, more like I haven't even played at all at a competitive level at all yet. I would like to, so I would like to know if my local scene is dead or not ;)
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    Completely new here

    I would really like to be able to play with my local community, although I understand that it might not happen due to how small Sweden is as a country and how few players there are here :/
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    Completely new here

    So, I happen to live in Sweden, and I don't know any other smashers personally, and I have never played the game at a competitive level. I have closely followed the competitive scene however, and know much about it, but as for my own skills... let's just say I think they are lacking ;) Any tips...