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Recent content by TheUniverse

  1. TheUniverse

    NorCal Project M Thread

    Any idea when the permits for under 21 will be a thing? I want to go, but I am not old enough
  2. TheUniverse

    Nintendo Invitational Announced, Who gets an Invite?

    They're the ones who asked who they missed.
  3. TheUniverse

    Nintendo Invitational Announced, Who gets an Invite?

    Where is Chillindude?!
  4. TheUniverse

    [Apr 19, 2014] NCR: NorCal Regionals, EVO qualifier event! (Sacramento, California)

    So I'm fairly new to big tournaments, please bear with me. Venue fee is the cost just to enter the place, whether or not you are competing, right? Thank you!
  5. TheUniverse

    [Apr 4, 2014] NCYC Presents 4 Stock Friday (Daly City, CA)

    4SF is a SSB Project M tournament in the Bay Area, hosted by NCYC (The North County Youth Collective) where you can destroy us, the hosts. We are a teen services organization, therefore this is a TEEN event, so please, no one over 19. There will be doubles and singles. RULES: 4 stocks, 8...
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