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Recent content by TheSqushiestManatee

  1. TheSqushiestManatee

    Joker's Palutena's guidance should have the other characters.

    Considering Piranha Plant got a unique guidance, maybe Joker will too. Of course Piranha Plant was in development before launch but I think theres a decent chance Joker will get one too.
  2. TheSqushiestManatee

    is K Rool broken?

    Back when Smash 4 came out everyone told me I was just using a broken character cause I mained Little Mac for a while. Now with Ultimate I chose to main King K Rool and it’s happening again lol. I don’t care though, he’s too much fun. That being said I definitely think hes good but I don’t think...
  3. TheSqushiestManatee

    Goddess of Nature, Viridi Support Thread. Hoping for a sequel in less than 25 years

    Did anyone see the new Palutena’s guidance with King K Rool? I liked it but I couldn’t help but notice I think she has a new voice actor who doesn’t sit right with me personally. I mean if Viridi is still well written then it doesn’t matter too much but Hynden Walch did such a great job with her...
  4. TheSqushiestManatee

    Mach Rider, Rides Again For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    I’ve always definitely wanted Mach Rider, my problem was I never thought he was gonna happen. Now however, things are looking up and im hoping the leak is real.
  5. TheSqushiestManatee

    Hades, The True Lord of the Underworld for Smash Switch!

    Really all of that game would be amazing in HD. Especially that fight lol. Imagine firing mega lasers at people in HD. Plus I would probably put another 200 hours in lol.
  6. TheSqushiestManatee

    Hades, The True Lord of the Underworld for Smash Switch!

    Yea even seeing him in story mode as the main villain would be awesome. I don’t think there are that many characters left so I doubt they would put him in over other characters but you never know. Really I just want him to be in there in some capacity especially after the huge missed opportunity...
  7. TheSqushiestManatee

    Hades, The True Lord of the Underworld for Smash Switch!

    Welp not quite this direct but it’s not over for him yet.
  8. TheSqushiestManatee

    dark samus really could (and should) be a semi clone

    I definitely wish we got a unique Dark Samus. I mean I understand that she is just an echo fighter so it’s not like we would’ve got her in the game by not having her be a clone, but I certainly would have loved to see a unique Dark Samus and the fun moveset they could give her.
  9. TheSqushiestManatee

    Hades, The True Lord of the Underworld for Smash Switch!

    I really have to check on this site more often. Anyway, I always had an idea that they may try to cater towards more villains with Smash Ultimate, that seems to be the case right now. Not only is that something i’ve wanted for a while now, but it is the exact thing Hades needs to actually...
  10. TheSqushiestManatee

    Team, Unite Up! Wonder Red for Smash Switch

    I think Wonder Red could definitely get in to represnt the wii u era as if that is what they go for I can see him as a good pick.
  11. TheSqushiestManatee

    Hades, The True Lord of the Underworld for Smash Switch!

    In terms of an echo fighter, I could see him as a slightly faster and a bit more combo heavy Ganondorf clone. Of course I want him to be a unique fighter instead but if being an echo fighter is the only way he would be playable then id take it. Beggars cant be choosers. That being said, I hope...
  12. TheSqushiestManatee

    Ridley Victory

    These victory poses are amazing so far.
  13. TheSqushiestManatee

    Rate Their Chances - Smash Ultimate Day 581: Remaining FP2 predictions

    Travis Touchdown Chance: 40% He has a new exclusive on the horizon and the first two games were somewhat important to the wii. Want: 75% He seems cool. Though I really need to get around to actually playing the games. Nominations: Wonder Red x5
  14. TheSqushiestManatee

    Smash Switch Speculation: Kid Icarus

    The most likley Kid Icarus characters are actually Hades, Medusa, and Viridi. Those are the big 3 when it comes to Kid Icarus newcomers.
  15. TheSqushiestManatee

    Potential Story Mode Plot Ideas

    Heres a quick idea. Hades from Kid Icarus wants to get more souls so he can grow stronger. He decides why just take souls from one universe when he can start claiming souls from every universe. So he starts opening gateways to other universes and chaos ensues.
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