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Recent content by ThEpEsT

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    Cal Poly Pomona Smashers?

    I know a friend that lives in Pomona and is attending Cal Poly. His name is Daniel, and I don't think he has an account here but I'm sure he'll be glad to play smash with anyone, as he hasn't touched the game since he left Fresno. Give him an email at sparticus50@gmail.com , and let him know...
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    Help Norcal/Oregon housing for E For All

    LoL, wow Zoap. I made a post too... I'll add everyone here tho just in case. Atlus, check out my post... can I add you to the list of housing people, and if so, I need you to choose who you will be housing. Also, Zoap, if you could post who all needs housing in my post (Oregon and NorCal)...
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    Housing for E For All Expo

    Ok... So I decided to make a post for all the people that need housing, and all the people that are available to house others. Since the E For All event takes place in LA, anybody that is willing to house us that is relatively close to the Convention Center would be greatly appreciated. I'll...
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    The E for All meetup thread

    I wouldn't mind texting you as soon as I found out. However, everyone, I NEED HOUSING OTHERWISE I CANNOT ATTEND THIS THING! LoL. And heaven knows if I do not attend this thing, bad things will happen.
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    The E for All meetup thread

    I'm going, but I need some1 to house me that lives in LA or near the convention center... I'll be attending Sat/Sun, so I'll need to stay Sun. night and if you'd like to meet sat. morning too, that'd be ok.
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    Brawl playable at E for All (Oct 18-22) with daily tournaments!!

    Is anyone available to provide housing for me (and just me, so far)? I got tickets for Sat/Sun...
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    The Truth About Zelda: Boy Scouts Of... Hyrule?

    LOL SN3S. Well, demon, the best jokes ARE told completely seriously. But how can I make the humor and ridiculousness stand out more? I'm always open for suggestions.
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    The Truth About Zelda: Boy Scouts Of... Hyrule?

    Thank you Tom. These guys obviously aren't getting the joke. Sheesh, the sense of humors these days. o_O Obviously you other guys didn't read through the whole thing, because you'd been able to tell it was a joke. First of all, Bomb-Making Merit Badge? Half the things I put on here are made up...
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    The Truth About Zelda: Boy Scouts Of... Hyrule?

    The Truth About Zelda: Boy Scouts of... Hyrule? Many fan boys and girls of the very popular “Zelda Series” praise Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto for the creation and game designing of “The Legend of Zelda”, a very successful game franchise, alongside the very notable Mario and Metroid Series'. However...
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    Of all the forums I've been too, not many have done this. This guy just showed up one day before the week even started, and we saw at least 1 (2 if you count each character as a diff. point) correct thing from his prophecy. But I guess you're right, we'll never really know until the game is...
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    I don't know if anyone posted about this or not, but I found this (from GameFAQs, search it yourself!) very interesting... PuroresuGrande Posted 8/12/2007 3:05:36 PM message detail DON'T ASK FOR MY SOURCE. You will not be disappointed... There are 34 playable characters (excluding...
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    Modesto SSB-B/M Tournaments- Read page 176

    Xilo, add me and my bro (DrWario). We're gonna try to come to this thing.
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    Smash in *Berkeley* on July 28 (concord and oakland players welcome)

    Just checking... are we still on for tomorrow? I'll be heading up to Berkeley tomorrow morning and I'll prolly arrive close to Noon or so, maybe a little later, so I need to know.
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    any smashers/tourney in lemoore, hanford, or fresno?

    Yeah I live in Fresno, along with some other friends of mine. Wanna smash sometime?
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    ThEpEsT's Smashfest (In Fresno) on 7/7/07!

    I don't know, I couldn't make it to the trip to Madera. But if ever you wanna come down to Fresno on a day and smash, lemme know. I'll be having smashfests every other weekend or on a random weekday or something when everyone's available.
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