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  • KEY:
    • CP = Collectible Packs
    • CS = Combiner Set
    • LE = Limited-Edition
    • ME = Movie-Edition
    • 0+ = all of the sets in series, plus a few duplicates
    2009-2010 (...why; part 2):
    • 6 Glatorian/Toa/Skrall "Legends"
    • 6 "Bionicle Stars"
    ^ (vomits uncontrollably)
    ^ (how could these have possibly been given the OK to be the final series of sets released...)

    • No...Iron Agori outcast &...vehicle
    • No...Iron Agori traitor &...vehicle
    • No "Toa Mata Nui" titan set
    Story Books:
    • Every story book from 2001-2008
    • First 2 story books from 2009

    • Kept up with everything on BionicleStory.com

    • Every comic starting from Issue 6
    ^ (cover featured Gali, Onua, and Pahrak Swarm)
    Other Books:
    • A Guide to Mata Nui info book
    • Makuta's ___ info book
    • A Guide to Metru Nui info book
    • The Bionicle Encyclopedia
    • Rahi info book
    • Dark Hunters info book
    • The Bionicle Encyclopedia 2

    • Every Lego Magazine that was released weekly along with comics
    Ey. I changed my av because I wanted something smash-related; the Bionicle story and MOCing were my life as a kid/teen, but they haven't had much part in my life for years.

    Also, I displayed my location as Bellingham up until summer holidays because I go to WWU; I'm home for the break right now aha. Didn't technically move.
    Out of curiosity, what was your first bionicle? Also, how complete is/was your collection?
    My first one was...supposedly one of the McDonalds Tohunga (renamed Matoran later lol) according to my mom. But I always remembered Tahu Mata being my first.
    My collection in separate post above
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