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    Meta Melee State Power Rankings

    Perth Melee Power Rankings April 2016! Text List 1. SIN | Spud :foxmelee::marthmelee: 2. Karu :foxmelee::falcomelee: 3. Quetz :peachmelee: 4. Sundowns :marthmelee: 5. MiKeL :falconmelee: 6. Chappos :foxmelee::falcomelee: 7. Exor :falconmelee: 8. KIC :foxmelee: 9. Niven :marthmelee: 10. Ace...
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    From Scrub to TO: My Journey Into The Smash Community

    Its a summer November day in Perth, Western Australia 2014. Its 30 degrees outside and my friend just bailed on me. I am standing a small cafe that is so full people are spilling into the park out the front. The chatter, clacking of buttons and occasional yell are deafening. These people are all...
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    Project M Recommended Ruleset

    At the moment we run a modified DSR where its only the last stage you won on that you can't pick. I agree that 3 bans may be too much and the list favours larger stages but honestly after running it for two weeks when compared to our previous 13 stage list its actually pretty good.
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    Project M Recommended Ruleset

    This is the stagelist we are running at my tournaments at the moment. Striking is 1-2-1, winner bans 3. Characters are chosen first then stages. Starters Green Hill Zone Pokemon Stadium 2 Battlefield Smashville Delfinos Secret Counterpicks. Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Story Warioland Final...
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    Best Way To Split Up VoDs

    Hey Guys I cannot for the life of my find a good way to split up VoDs. What is the easiest or most effective way to split up a 6-8 hour recording?
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    The DOL mod topic

    I have yet to get this to work even with the guide. I have found free space and no crashes but can't find the ingame branch locations due to only owning a mac. I have used the Debug mode launcher for Mac but it crashes when I try to use the cheat Search function. Same with 6445 and 6441. Any...
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    Is there a lucario guide, i cant seem to find one here O-o

    Neth hows that guide going?
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    Making smash commentary better

    How do people feel about commentary now?
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    [WA] DI Another Day - Perth's first national major!

    My house has like one spot left atm. I have enough beds for 4 people but room for more. If anyone can lend us a bed for the weekend then I can house more people. Atm its just couch space :s
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    The DOL mod topic

    So I have managed to get almost everything running. All I am struggling with is the Stage Striking Code for PAL. When I paste it into the empty code @000BE0 I just get crashes. Is there an extra step I am missing? I read though the notes and honestly barely understand it. The code im using is...
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    Lucario's 3.6b hidden changes

    Nah you used to be able to super it it you didn't get the grab. Not actually that great but I used to do it alot. Don't really miss it but it wasn't listed in the changes.
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    Lucario's 3.6b hidden changes

    I mean not the command grab just the grounded flame hitbox.
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    Lucario's 3.6b hidden changes

    Non-CommandGrab SideB can no longer be Super'd on the ground. I'm very ok with this.
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    [WA] DI Another Day - Perth's first national major!

    I'm still good to house 6~ people. You'll have to share rooms but you should all have a bed each.
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