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Recent content by TheArabSamurai

  1. TheArabSamurai

    International GCC Majors Bahrain (23-24 December 2016)

    The biggest FGC tournament in the Middle East is back & better than ever! Hosts of the previous hit tournaments, KOF GCC Dubai & KOF GCC Doha are back with a new name and bigger than ever! Where: Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Al Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. When: On Christmas weekend, Friday...
  2. TheArabSamurai

    Data The Dark Arts of Ganon (Match-Up Discussion)

    Smaller blast zones generally help us, but it can be a double edged sword in this match up. With Shiek's feather weight and our kill options, we generally don't have to worry about smaller blast zones. We can still kill her at relative easy on stages with larger blast zones. It really depends on...
  3. TheArabSamurai

    Data The Dark Arts of Ganon (Match-Up Discussion)

    I'm interested to know what you guys prefer for stages in this match-up. I know you definitely wanna avoid Final Destination like the plague here, with Shiek's superior mobility and needles, she dominates on flatter stages (The exception being Smashville which I will touch on later). With Town &...
  4. TheArabSamurai

    Data The Dark Arts of Ganon (Match-Up Discussion)

    One thing I've definitely realized is that the ditto is very different from how Ganondorf plays in other match-ups. To begin with, playing with the bait and punish style in the ditto isn't heavily rewarded and opting to play defensively won't yield much either. In my personal experiences...
  5. TheArabSamurai

    Event Preview: H.E.A.T. - A Middle Eastern Smash Major

    Heyo! Thank you so much for the great article and shoutout! <3 You're the best.
  6. TheArabSamurai

    Data The Dark Arts of Ganon (Match-Up Discussion)

    Zelda can also combo and juggle Ganon off of down throw. I've had neutral air and forward air confirm after down throw in this match-up. Also noteworthy is how is that Zelda's aerials are deceptively fast. First hit of her NAIR comes out on frame 6, FAIR on frame 9 and BAIR on frame 6. While...
  7. TheArabSamurai

    International [Sep 3, 2015] H.E.A.T. 2015 - Qatari Super Smash Bros. Major (Doha, Qatar)

    The next big major in Doha, Qatar! H.E.A.T. 2015 will feature some of Qatar & The Middle East's best Smashers! From September 3-4. It'll be held in Hall 2 of HBKU Student Center in Education City. This is an official tournament hosted by the SoaringFalconTournaments team, your TO will be...
  8. TheArabSamurai

    Ganondorf is the Best Character Eternally: In Progress (Replacement Signups Help!)

    Got it! I'm back home in Doha, so I'll be able to participate with relative ease.
  9. TheArabSamurai

    Atlantic North [Sep 15, 2015] Smash @ Xanadu Smash Wii U Weeklies (Baltimore, MD)

    Hey! Excited to attend, this will be the first tournament in the US I'm attending. It'll be fun experiencing Smash outside of Qatar. :D Also, are wireless pro controllers allowed?
  10. TheArabSamurai

    Omni: Should We Still Use Custom Moves in Smash 4?

    People using Rain losing to a Villager that was planking as an excuse to ban customs. It's Rain's fault that he lost, you lose to a player. Not to a character. Not to a game. Plenty of people beat campy villager, Nairo beat ADHD in tournament, and not to mention that the campy villager who beat...
  11. TheArabSamurai

    Hierarchies of Power: The Ganon Community Tier List! (Updated October 8th 2017)

    Dang, still not on here yet A2Z? :o I'd love to know where you'd place me so I can improve further! :D
  12. TheArabSamurai

    Atlantic North [Sep 27, 2015] Nebulous PM Weekly [Project:M] [Smash 4 WiiU] (New York, NY)

    I'm in NYC for the week, is there a thing today? Smash 4 specifically.
  13. TheArabSamurai

    Atlantic North [Aug 22, 2015] SKTAR 4 - National Smash Bros Melee & Wii U Tournament ft... (Somerset, NJ)

    A part of me wants to travel all the way to the states to attend this event, realistically, I don't know if I'll be able to though.
  14. TheArabSamurai

    [Jun 5, 2015] KOFGCC 2015 (feat. TheFinalHeart, Demna, Tyrant & Kailex) (Doha, Qatar)

    The Gaming Lounge hosts bi-weeklies, they're not the greatest but they're something. We have a Whatsapp group where people occasionally get together and play friendlies and what have you. You can always drop down by Ezdan tomorrow to play some friendlies. Hit me up on inbox if you wanna be added...
  15. TheArabSamurai

    The Sandbox: A Story Of The Kuwait Smash Scene

    Thanks for the shoutouts in the article Gamma. <3 Keep doing amazing things man.
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