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Recent content by the_CAM_factor

  1. the_CAM_factor

    Connecticut Player Finder: We're better than you <3

    cant wait for the next hog
  2. the_CAM_factor

    Connecticut Player Finder: We're better than you <3

    bout to go back to working 40hours a week aka making me a real person. watch out teams
  3. the_CAM_factor

    ban stadium

    kill it with fire
  4. the_CAM_factor

    Is Project M too easy relatively?

    i wish it was harder =[
  5. the_CAM_factor

    The Hardest Decision: Dropping Mains.

    i really think to push a character to thier limits you should only main one char, possibly two for counterpicks.
  6. the_CAM_factor

    Clash Tournaments Releases Preliminary Project M Tier List

    theres so much i disagree with this list.
  7. the_CAM_factor

    Are recoveries in P:M too good?

    the game is evolving and unlike melee has the ability to change through patches. i just see alotta chars that feel very safe when they are off stage and im not sure id like that to be the direction of this game. it is my personal belief but i think it would lead to a higher skill cap, harder...
  8. the_CAM_factor

    Are recoveries in P:M too good?

    sees that user thinks edge gaurds and gimps are boring completley ignores user. Being able to gimp is incredibley healthy for the meta game, it allows comebacks and forces one to play incredibley clean near the edge or else they could get a stock taken in the blink of an eye.
  9. the_CAM_factor

    Are recoveries in P:M too good?

    the entire game is putting out properly timed hitboxes with correct spacing and at the end of the day that is what edge gaurding is. i completly agree that edge guarding shoud take just as much skill as a succesful recovery but right now i just think that the recovery is better than the edge...
  10. the_CAM_factor

    Are recoveries in P:M too good?

    im i the only one under the opinion that if you get knocked offstage you should either die or be heavily punished? i feel like most brawl-esque chars are too strong in their recoveries and require a slight nerf. recovery should be hard, and require skill to sweetspot. also i think tethers rlly...
  11. the_CAM_factor

    Are recoveries in P:M too good?

    yes, recoveries are pretty absurd for a few characters and i wouldnt mind them beng nerfed at all. I feel like pm lost alot of the beautiful edge guard kills melee had.
  12. the_CAM_factor

    Why I don't edgehog Falco:

    its not a spikeee
  13. the_CAM_factor

    What did i do wrong?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1THCfP8Rpo i have a 2bg sd card and followed the steps in this vid. i used winrar to extract and got the same files he did but was missing the background. the game has a menu screen but when you click versus the screen goes black and nothing happens. please help!
  14. the_CAM_factor

    Guaranteed Damage Presents: Hall of Gaming PM Biweeklies! #2

    ill have to stay for singles next time, and get this game!
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