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  • Alright, I'll update that then ^_^

    I'm pretty much the same way >_> I only have a 3rd placing in doubles...I can't drive though >_>


    In my thread I give out medals to people who have earned things like top 3 in tournament or have traveled out of state for a tournament...stuff like that. Check out the OP for all the medals and shtuff.

    Hey I added you to LoCal :O

    I just need to know what medals you need and a profile picture if you want.

    Hey man, way to rip up with Game and Watch Saturday. I'm just starting to get back into brawl thanks to that tournament so hopefully we can play sometime.
    lol yeah. I'm Noah Neff's friend, we stood outside Smith for like 20 minutes talking about smash and stuff with him and my other friend Travis.

    Kind of a weird thing to remember but yeah lol the tats do stick out in my mind.
    I guess you're not the only ones then, lol. I haven't been to any tournaments yet but I'm thinking about going to Final Smash in December. I'll probably get schooled though as I haven't played much at all in the past few months, just starting to get back into it.

    You go to PS Altoona right? Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I met you earlier this year.
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