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    Pikachu ranked #3 with customs ON?

    I don't have much experience with customs, but you should also consider that other characters can get some real boosts when customs are allowed (like Palutena). I think Pikachu would still be pretty high on a customs tier list (especially with Heavy Skull Bash) but his exact placement may be up...
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    Atlantic North SM4SH Thursday

    Are these tournaments still going on?
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    Pikachu vs Pikachu

    Pretty much this. Also, look for patterns in your opponent's QA, and punish accordingly. Watch for your opponent's up smash as well, as they will likely go for that as their go to kill move. If you play patiently enough, you should be able to pull out the win.
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    Dealing with Counter

    If I suspect a counter, I usually just charge up a forward smash. If you can get him doing it near the edge, you could kill at around 50.
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    Sourspot Dash Attack into Thunder

    I think it depends on how much hit stun there is in the late dash attack. My current guess would be that most characters should be able to air dodge out of it, so I would call it a mix up combo that most won't expect.
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    Who is your Main and why do you main them?

    I go Pikachu because: 1) He's my favorite character on the roster, and 2) His play style suits me well. I've always loved the fast, quick hitters in any of the competitive games that I've played, and he fits the bill here.
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    Is this a Competitive Style of Play (Question)

    It sounds insane, but I like it!
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    Atlantic North Smash 4 Victory - Smash 4 Bi-weekly

    Perfect! I can't make any guarantees, but I will try to be there!
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    Is it "scummy" to enter a tournament you're hosting?

    I have no issue with TO's entering their own tournaments. I've gone to tournaments where the TO is one of the top players in the area, and I have never heard anyone complain about it. When I lost to him in the last one I went to, I did not think, "This guy shouldn't be in a tournament that he...
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    Getting yourself out of a tournament slump

    Glad to hear it! Keep up the good work!
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    Can a player "own" a character's skin color?

    I've never heard or seen any incidents regarding alt colors, but I would say it's an unwritten rule that usually applies more to ditto matchups than anything else. In the current scene I play in right now, there are two Pikachu users (including myself) that both use the standard skin, with...
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    Getting yourself out of a tournament slump

    Usually, if I feel like I'm in a slump, I just try to play more, especially with players at or over my skill level. I know that my ability is good enough to perform well in tournaments, and I just have to have the confidence to do so. I would recommend that you don't let your losses get to you...
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    Perfect Pivot vital for Pika?

    I've been able to get away without using Perfect Pivots, but I have just started experimenting with them. I like the PP Forward Smash as a spacing tool, but I've had pretty good success without it. That being said, it would be something I would look into once you get used to using the character...
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    Atlantic North Smash 4 Victory - Smash 4 Bi-weekly

    Will there be a tournament this week?
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