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  • BING BONG. lol. I see you're working hard at work, using the DECO graphics machine to pump out nice BLING BLONG.
    I don't think we're done with the MK Ganon chain testing. I realize that if you just chain pokes, I just have to slowly walk out of range and watch for the sitting animation. I think feasibly we still have the ability to chain and brain ****.

    Also, you should make a sig that incorporates the HEAVY tag or perhaps incorporate it into your avatar.
    Nope. You can do it whenever. It's in your user CP. Also, make the responses to my messages on my wall rather than you own. I get a notification so I know there's a new post. :) Bing Bong. We did pretty d*mn well last night considering we were deep in the green roster.
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