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    Atlantic South Knockout 2019: Saved by the Bell in Atlanta, Georgia

    Axis Replay presents a tournament to bring together Ultimate players around Georgia for one big pre-summer tournament! NOW WITH MOMOCON PASSES! Introducing High Schoolers to the Smash scene: Class is about to be dismissed for the summer. End your school year with some Smash Brothers at Georgia's...
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    Atlantic South Maji Game Night - Georgia Smash Ultimate Weekly

    Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. The weekly is still running strong, so feel free to join us whenever you are available!
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    Atlantic South Maji Game Night - Georgia Smash Ultimate Weekly

    SMASHGG: Maji Tea Bar brings you a brand new Smash Bros. Ultimate weekly tournament series! Fridays at 6:00 PM! This tournament is open to EVERYONE, regardless of age and skill level. Competitors must pay a fee of $10 to participate. This fee will provide you entry to...
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    Atlantic South Kapow! Smash Ultimate Volume 0: The Eve

    REGISTER HERE: The Kapow Smash series returns just in time for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Starting with Volume 0, The Eve will be the preview to what's more to come here in the years to come. The event will also be streamed by Typo House Games to capture all...
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    Resources to find local tournaments? Good place to start
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    Looking for a community to practice with in Socal.

    I'm not from SoCal, but you should join the facebook group. That should put you on a good first step
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    Atlantic South (Georgia) ANX Presents: Smash at Chattahoochee High School

    Full information and rules here: Introducing a new tournament at Chattahoochee High School! The video game club hosted by the ANX crew is starting a new tournament series for anyone to enter. The venue fee is $5. This money goes towards the...
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    Tips for a New Mario Player

    this is late but whatever practice your aerial combo game and your cape
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    Atlantic South Smash @ the Mountain 3

    I played smash for a long time and have never played in a legitimate tournament. I'm definitely interested in participating also would like to know how many people are going as well
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