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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    Yeah, and me too when he gets the chance :p
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    Byleth > Edelgard that's a first, I'd hardly consider the former a stray from the derivative Fire Emblem blue-haired anime swordsman, though correct me if I'm wrong since my knowledge of the new game is admittedly meager (and I'm sure Nintendo put more care into this installment than some others...
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    Remove and replace a fighter from Ultimate (newcomers only); be civil

    :ultinkling:/:ultinklingboy: Keep :ultridley: Keep :ultsimon:/:ultrichter: Keep :ultkrool: Keep :ultisabelle: Keep :ultincineroar: Replace with Bandana Dee since I think he would've been a way better addition. An eighth gen dlc character would've been cooler. :ultpiranha: Replace with Geno since...
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    The Warrior from the Abyss, Hollow Knight Breaks the Seal!

    I just began a second run of Hollow Knight the other day, and my progression path was wildly different. Crossroads >>> Fungal Wastes like most people except Brooding Mawlek was my first boss and Gruz Mother was like my 5th. I also didn't get a nail upgrade for the Mantis Lords. But then I went...
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    Here's to praying it's not a mii costume return.
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    General Retro Newcomer Discussion

    Do Geno and Gordon Freeman count? If not, I wouldn't mind Bill Rizer (strange pick I know, and a tag team with Lance would be pretty cool ngl), Randi, or Earthworm Jim. All worthwhile picks in my book. I also love Ayumi, but I think realizing her would be quite difficult and I'd much rather...
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    Rate Their Chances- Smash Ultimate Day 487: Neku (The World Ends With You) and Agnès (Bravely Default)

    Well before the day ends... Saber Chance: 20% I'd hardly consider Fate to be this obscure third party series like some other picks I see on here. I think most people here know what it is, but the key word in this sentence is most people here. The third party selection is adorned with a number...
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    Who do you want in smash?

    1) Geno 2) The Knight 3) Gordon Freeman 4) Neku 5) Isaac 6) Either Porky or Masked Man 7) Mona 8) Master Chief 9) Tracer 10) Skull Kid
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    Geno (♥♪!?): Return of the Starsend Savior

    But how many fan requests could you add until it interferes with just the regular characters that were going to be added anyway? I guess you could say that's the point when all fan requests have been exhausted, but it still seems a bit off to me.
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    I didn't even play video games until I was 8 but I knew what Half-Life was. There's been jokes since 2004 about a Half Life 3 that will likely never come to fruition, and both installments can be argued to sit among the top 20 games of all time. The fact that two games can sell 16 million copies...
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    Hell yeah, half-life is a gaming icon.
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    Porky Minch: The King of New Pork City

    Have I? Geno The Knight (Hollow Knight) Gordon Freeman Masked Man Tracer Dragonborn Master Chief Neku Sora Zoroark Marx Impa Sylux Edelgard Octoling Rex/Pyra Mona Isaac Chorus Kids
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    Fighter codename ideas thread

    "Abyss" - The Knight "Noise" - Neku "Pizza" - Mona "Blink" - Tracer "17" - Gordon Freeman "Village" - Donnel "Key" - Sora "Robot" - Masked Man "Reach" - Master Chief "Dragon" - Dragonborn "Star" - Geno
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    Make a roster for the hypothetical "Smash Reboot" that was considered!

    30 First Party: :ultmario::ultpeach::ultbowser::ultdk::ultdiddy::ultlink: :ultzelda::ultganondorf::ultsamus::ultridley::ultyoshi::ultkirby: :ultkingdedede::ultfox::ultwolf::ultpikachu::ultjigglypuff::ultlucario: :ultness::ultfalcon::ultike::ultrobin::ultgnw::ultpit...
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