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Recent content by tera twin

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    Best edge guarder in melee?

    Mario and Dr. Mario 'cause of the cape. Trust me – I've been playing this game with my friends since 2001. :cool:
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    The Unhappy Thread

    Hey. No discussion of alcohol. :awesome:
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    Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - NO SPOILERS, USE THE SPOILER THREAD PLEASE

    ^ thanks I just couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that Nintendo would half-*** through the trailer's music (even though I already found it neat). It just didn't ...sound right.
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    New North American Online Player Tier List

    sheermadness vs silentslayers 10 fox challenge streamed by malva's channel go go go
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    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Water Temple

    This goes in the social thread :p BUT I can't remember my first water temple try.
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    Smashboards was hacked BY THE COMBINE

    bio-mechanical alienz hacking ur smashboardz interrupting ur theorycrafting and stuffz
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    Smashboards was hacked BY GHOSTS

    Ghosts hacking ur smashboardz interupting ur theorycrafting and stuffz
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    Potential methods to increase tournament attendance

    competitive in terms of gameplay, bro. ...I hope
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    Smashboards was hacked

    MLP was eh but the second hack was good and it actually made me laugh
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    Smashboards was hacked

    I believe Gideon sold the site to MLG.
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    Smashboards got hacked?

    I think they put MLP to make people be like "What the ****?! My Little Pony? What's with this ****** *** ****!"
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    Smashboards got hacked?

    LOL huh? I made this thread in the brief moment SMashboards was up but then I got an error when I tried to post it. Anyways, I updated the OP with more pics lol. In the board index, it reads like this thread has no replies for some reason.
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    Smashboards got hacked?

    Link to original post: Smashboards got hacked? lolwut Smashboards went online for a TINY bit and then it got hacked again: and then shortly after that:
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