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Recent content by TeddyBearYoshi

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    A Great Evil Walks the Earth, the Ganondorf in Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion

    I'm in the boat of "please make Ganondorf actually like Ganondorf". Give him swords, give him magic, give him floating. Just make him feel like Ganondorf and not like a Captain Falcon clone. I personally wouldn't mind with them using his moveset for Black Shadow, since it's obvious a lot of...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    In your opinion. Personally, I wouldn't at all mind Bayonetta being gone... I would actually prefer not having her there, she is uncomfortably sexualized in an otherwise fairly kid-friendly game. I generally find her to gross me out, and her design to be as unfun to play against as possible...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I don't think it's that Nintendo necessarily doesn't care about Jigglypuff or thinks they're a joke as much as they just either don't understand how to balance them or just aren't trying to make them a specifically great 1v1 character. Doesn't Sakurai have a weird philosophy when it comes to...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    TBH I think Doomguy would actually be fitting, considering that it was what essentially popularized the FPS genre; being on more computers than Windows at a time. Would be a fine rep for this genre, also helps that it was on the SNES, GBA, and got a great exclusive on N64. Also the obvious...
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    BaganSmashBros and ko.'s Kustom Kontent - King K. Rool, Kraid and...Metal Face?!

    I think you're heavily exaggerating, honestly. Mods releasing should always be taken with a grain of "It would be nice if this released, but it likely wont" no matter how much progress is shown. Big mods almost never get released, no matter the game. It's important to remember this. If it's K...
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    Unofficial Project M Ridley - CLASSIC RIDLEY BETA RELEASED! 31/10/16

    Looks spectacular. ...Also, does it count as a necro if no other thread ever gets posted here?
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    Why do people dislike Melee and Melee players?

    Overall incredibly toxic. I don't think people generally dislike Melee itself or the competitive players, however many (a lot of who don't even play Smash) avoid it because of the consistent toxicity seen around the web. Might not be that way in closed areas or in person, but the public image...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I think Smash 5 could definitely benefit with Custom Moves becoming a bigger thing.. and just cut equipment entirely. It definitely feels like they wanted Custom Moves to be a thing then just forgot them entirely with DLC characters and didn't go as far with them as they could.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Steve may be the biggest, but in terms of significance I think Quote is the #1 on there. Doesn't Minecraft have almost no relevancy in Japan? Not that I'd mind Steve/Alex, it'd just be really weird.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Shovel Knight is definitely a #1 pick for anyone new for me. Do I think they're likely? No, not really.. but if any Indie gets in (which they deserve to, the rise of indie games is very significant to the history of video games) it has to be them or Quote.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Seriously don't understand how you manage to call my opinion pointless while saying you're being attacked (I have not seen this at all) in the same post... Also I don't think Isabelle, K.K Slider or Tom Nook would work as fighters, even if they did utilize random things from the games that they...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Who the heck would they put in other than Villager? If Villager never got in I could see the reasoning for KK/T. Nook/Isabelle but with the only playable character in Animal Crossing already in Smash why does it need anymore? Personally I hope for more Animal Crossing stages & items, there's...
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    Bullying in Competitive Smash

    Nice in theory, but this is completely incorrect in practice and an unhelpful mindset to many people. It clearly has affected ZeRo, and it affects anyone. Most people who say things like this are people who don't have to deal with it, at least not often. If you don't work on toxicity in a...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I'm always late to these (I don't often check Smashboards), but I'd personally be incredibly disappointed if Miis got cut. They're fun and their customization makes them unique fighters with a concept that makes perfect sense in the game, being on the 3rd system (if you include Wii U) to have...
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    I definitely think that's what's going to happen, but I meant more along the lines of Smash 5 specifically. How are they going to one-up Sm4sh with a realistic budget and a moderately balanced game? Also looks like I was incorrect about how long Sm4sh took to develop, apologies. There's no...
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