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Recent content by TDRR

  1. TDRR

    In Progress Character Model Imports

    You do realize he's not made a single import since 2017? Also I guess I can try to do it if you send the .pac file from Project M (or was it Project +? Idk).
  2. TDRR

    Super Tilt Bro for NES

    I think this goes without saying, but yes. Well, at least I am still very interested!
  3. TDRR

    Completed Literally a stage v1.1 (Custom Stage)

    Actually, I figured this out fairly long ago, Melee XT v2.1 already has this stage with the fixes (and some other changes). I just completely forgot to update it here, oops! Thanks for trying to help, anyways!
  4. TDRR

    TDRR's ezpz guide to stage imports (upd. 17/07/2020)

    UPDATE 17/07/2020: Added a missed step in making collisions (Calculate Range). If you had random collision bugs on your stage after following this guide, that might be the cause. Since HSDraw has been out since last year now and so few people are working on stage imports (likely since there's...
  5. TDRR

    Completed "XT Alt. Stage Loader" (Now super easy to use!) (v2.0)

    Updated the code. Now, users no longer need to edit any ASM, but merely basic hex editing (and that's completely explained in the post above), plus now ANY button combo can be used. So, in theory and assuming you can use the X, Y, Z, L, R and all D-Pad buttons, and that you give every stage a...
  6. TDRR

    Completed "XT Alt. Stage Loader" (Now super easy to use!) (v2.0)

    This code (a modified version of _glook's omega stage toggle) allows having custom stage .dat files for every stage. This allows redirecting which stage is gonna be loaded (changes the ID, I mean) and which file is gonna be loaded (changes the filename to load) per SSS slot (plus per button...
  7. TDRR

    Melee Toolkit Reset?

    You're supposed to have a copy of your original ISO. If you want to revert it, then you can't if you didn't do a copy of the ISO before modifying.
  8. TDRR

    Completed Persona 5 Mementos (v1.0)

    A port to Melee of a Brawl port of Smash Ultimate's Mementos (Persona 5 look). Thanks to nnbef for the original port to Brawl. This stage goes over Hyrule Temple, and has a whopping amount of 30k tris and verts. I think this more of both than any other vMelee stage, but it still runs at a solid...
  9. TDRR

    I need help with GCRebuilder

    That's far too vague, we don't even know what part of Mewtwo are you replacing. Is it a model replacement? Moveset or animation replacement? If it's a model replacement, generally it'll go over PlMtNr.dat, or over PlMt.dat if it's a moveset replacement. In the unlikely event it's only an...
  10. TDRR

    Ultimate Brawl v0.9b (fixed download)

    Thanks! This mod has long since been abandoned, but nevertheless I appreciate your help and I added the link to the first post, and also upped the version to v0.9b. And also added this text to the main post under "Credits", because it really had to be said, I should have added credits earlier...
  11. TDRR

    Completed TEST, but it's tourney legal (v1.0)

    Ever seen TEST and said "dang I wish this stage was tournament legal"? If you are a normal and sane person then no, you probably didn't, but here's a tourney legal version of the stage anyways! NOTE: This stage goes over the original TEST stage (GrTe.dat), so you'll need extra codes to load it...
  12. TDRR

    Project Melee XT v2.1 (18/6/2020: Lucina, better Snake, more stages, crash fixes!)

    v2.1 is out, and this is a pretty awesome one! As a quick introduction, we now got Lucina and Yumi as the two new characters of this version. But perhaps even more important is the improvements Snake got. Now he has a new Neutral-B, Side-B has been nerfed and his aerials and throws attributes...
  13. TDRR

    BrawlBuilder - The Ultimate SSBB ISO Builder

    I assume it does, but last time I tried I got an ISO that had random freezes. Maybe you'll have better luck with it.
  14. TDRR

    Ultimate Brawl v0.9b (fixed download)

    Yes, using this guide: https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Virtual_SD_Card_Guide you can make an sd.raw with UBrawl's contents, after that you should right-click Super Smash Bros. Brawl in your Dolphin games list then press "set as default iso", lastly, put the boot.elf file included in...
  15. TDRR

    Project Melee XT v2.1 (18/6/2020: Lucina, better Snake, more stages, crash fixes!)

    If you got this mod yesterday 19/05/2020 and then tried to install it... you might have noticed that none of the changes I mentioned worked at all, this is because I accidentally included the wrong .dol file in the .zip file! I corrected this issue and updated the download link, very sorry for...
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