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  • like u make ur own character u have ur own house thers a little town and thers other people 2 its modern day not like an rpg but its cool u should look it up sometime
    ya it is but then i went to my friends house and he has a PS3 and theres this online world built into it and its so cool i wish i had one
    ya i wish i had a 360 2 theyr so awsome they can play music whie ur playing games thats so insane
    ya cause they redid the battle system i thought it was the same battle system but with some added features like dual wield sword (insanly cheating if it was regular halo fighting) but ya i dont have an xbox 360 but i want one
    oh ya i got those to and i can ask my grandpa for and xbox 360 but i dont wanna i dont wanna sound greedy but i want halo wars i played it at my friends house and its awsome
    idk he never lisens to what i say and he doesnt trust anything i do....it gets frustrating sometimes.........so what other systems do u have
    i know man i was so mad i had LITERALY every pokemon in pearl and daimond (transferd from daimond 2 pearl) and my pokedex was completly filled and i let him borrow it cause he wanted to see wat it was like then when i go to his house next he made a new file and he thought that i let him even though i specificly said that he couldnt
    ya u can its jus u cant lv them up on battle revolution so u have to lv them in pearl and then update it and now i cant do that since my friend erased it
    ya its good i havent tryed it online but it sucks cause u need daimond or pearl to put ur pokemon on it and my friend erased my file so i cant put any more pokemon on it
    i know my grandas insanly wierd with money but somehow he always has more of it i have no idea how he always has money but until i c him do u have any other online profiles
    no but i go to my cousins house a couple blocks from me and he has it my grandpas visiting soon though so i could ask him for it he spoils the living crap outa me one time we went to buy a game he gives the guy a 100 bill and the guy says "sorry cant take it" and he gives it to me cause he cant use it in small stores
    its a REALLY good game but i just need some time to get the controls cause back then was my 2nd time using a wii controler but now i can hold it steady
    ya i guess ur right but i tried it on the wii ounce and it was crazy i cept freaking out when i got shot cause then my arm would twitch alittle and the camera would go wild lol
    ya but the problem is thers so many good games i want but i can only ask him for two and idk wich ones to get
    i know man i wnt it but its too much id have to ask my grandpa for it if i ever hope to get it
    OH, your the guy from that video thread xD I'll write up a page when I'm not too tired from Mass Madness :S

    You should try to get out of the water first before you do your Up-B on Jungle Japes. ^^;

    I used to make the same mistake.
    who is this 0.0
    where you from?
    how do you know me?
    lol um tomorrow maybe since were having a fest lol
    i just got too many random infractions. but i have like 3 accounts.
    idk. i just want LumpyCPU... back. haha
    i'll stop spamming tooooooooo
    um... which videos?
    if i'm in it, "lumpy" should be in the title somewhere.

    edit: dude, first i replied to you by commenting myself. LMAO i'm ********.
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