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  • Wow, I wasn't doing as good as I thought in those matches. I've been doing better as I play more people. We must play sometime over the weekend. <3

    Yes, it is pretty beard. :ganondorf:

    Oh, haha. I should have played him. xD too bad I couldn't at the time. How good is he? :3

    Oh, that;s quite alright. I'll try to watch them as soon as you have them up. :3

    I'm feeling pretty nifty, I must say. :ganondorf:

    I saw you in the arena recently. How did your matches go? <3

    So how are those sandwiches videos coming? <3

    Oh, and how are you doing? Feel free to feel my beard ask for a fight whenever you want to! :3c

    Haha, OK then. :3

    That'll be fine. I'm looking forward to the murder thine eyes will soon see again.

    You mean you think it'll be today? hat's a lot sooner than I expected, so that's fine with me! :3

    Just don't forget to send me the link, please. <3
    Thanks! Can you VM me the links when they're up? I'd love to see myself on Youtube. <3
    About 7ish, check the results thread, though some people are labelled by name. I'll update it later.
    well if you want to play heres my number
    813 500 1685 where in tampa do you live
    alright cool, have you always lived in tampa...we can smash pretty much anytime
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