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Recent content by T-Cash

  1. T-Cash

    Shield Pressure

    In project m fox shine has less priority and is easy to get grabbed out of. You have to position yourself very well to not get grabbed as fox dair on someone shield but only the tip of you foot then shine when they don't expect or to just push away diar, nair, dair shine nair to upsmash! Aerial...
  2. T-Cash

    Fox's Counterpick Stages

    Depends on who your playing if someone kills earlier off the side than you you want to avoid those stages. Ps2, Yoshi Story 2 are go to stages with fox for me because of how effective camping and running away is for me If your aggressive I'd go to Yoshi Story(melee) for quick kills off the top...
  3. T-Cash

    Fox's worst matchup

    Mewtwo is almost a non winnable match ups with grab combos and m2 free edge guards. Diddy is rough but way more winnable Samus weight doesn't allow you to combo and you have to play very very safe to win. Bowser- I find this a hard match up but it u get him to a certain percent you can...
  4. T-Cash

    SKTAR 3 - Sponsored by MLG! - Melee/ProjectM/Brawl - Round... (Somerset, NJ)

    Hype for this tourney easton smash is gonna be there in full effect
  5. T-Cash

    KTAR 9 Results - Ft Mew2King, Rolex, The Moon!

    I played fox lol..fox all day:foxmelee:
  6. T-Cash

    KTAR 9 Results - Ft Mew2King, Rolex, The Moon!

    and cash lol :P
  7. T-Cash

    Top Players & Videos by Character

    slowly making my way to get on this fox list :):fox:
  8. T-Cash

    KTAR 9 Results - Ft Mew2King, Rolex, The Moon!

    great tourney, glad to see some familiar faces Easton Smash reppin to the fullest!!
  9. T-Cash

    [March 15, 2014] Nipple Spikes 1 (PM / Melee / Brawl) - Norwich, NY

    nice tourney had alot of fun looking forward to comming back and seeing everyone again!! no ringworm though hopefully ill see you at another tourney dude
  10. T-Cash

    GG Presents: Smash Like You Mean It 3- The Gauntlet

    sadly dont think I can make it because of work:( if we can host tourneys on friday or change between fri and saturday on certain weeks that would help me and a couple other members in easton smash out. regardless im hoping for a good turnout and everyone has fun
  11. T-Cash

    [Feb 14, 2014] Fanboy Arena's PM 3.0 Weekly Qualifiers (Little Falls, NJ)

    what is the turnout on this event who is all confirmed entry
  12. T-Cash

    Fox Match-Ups

    sadly i made it to pools finals in apex and lost to an ike because i didnt know the match up that side b shenanigans really threw me off with wario you have to space alot that is true also take note that wave shining him is highly effecitve
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