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    [Oct 3, 2020] FREE Online Tourney with PRIZES! Great beginner-friendly environment

    Hi folks, I'm running a tournament to pay back my community for all their dedication and support! It's a free online tourney and many of the matches will be on stream and will have live commentary from myself and other members of my community. It'll be my first time running a tourney and, for...
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    Ask a quick question, get a quick answer (The Marth FAQ's)

    I know B-reversal is a well-known technique in the air, but is it common knowledge that you can use it on the ground too? During the sliding portion of a run-into-shieldbreaker you can execute a reversal. Figure this has many practical uses, and I haven't seen it in any vids, and I've watched my...
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    Does playing the older smash games affect your playstyle?

    I hadn't touched Brawl in 6 months, and I had gone to Vegas with a friend for 5 days and when we would get home in the middle of the night we would just play Melee for hours. When I finally went to another Brawl tourney I found myself trying to wavedash in the first round (I hadn't had any...
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    Official Metaknight Discussion

    =\ how come when pro-ban makes the argument for MK destroying amateur competition anti-ban makes the argument that at the national level these freakishly superb players can beat MK. How can the contradicting statement also be made lol
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    Ideas about MK

    Metaknight needs a full ban, nothing less. He kills a lot of character's chances to be tournament viable. Brawl, regardless of what anyone thinks, really is a pretty balanced game. I've seen characters like Olimar, Pikachu, and Tink make it really far in tourneys just to be knocked out by...
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    Ally: Snake is not the second best character. What? I'd like to see Ally go to Marth cause Marth's MU against MK is completely ridiculous. We need someone to crack the code cause MK is probably never getting banned, and it sucks that one character is making it so hard for Marth to be legitimate...
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    Why are level 9 cpu's impossible to beat?

    One time a level 9 beat me in the punching bag screen before an online match.
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    Ask a quick question, get a quick answer (The Marth FAQ's)

    I'm so sick of metaknight!! What's a good secondary for Math users to have for him??? My Marth has gotten so much better since I started going to tourneys.. I go in so confident. But I always beat out everyone till I get to a metaknight and that'll usually be ATLEAST one of my 2 eliminations. I...
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    WIFI Tier list

    My friend plays Olimar and I play Marth, I completely wreck him offline. When we go online he can just spam projectiles and everything I feel is going to be a tipper misses and he just runs around spamming me and for some reason I can't get in on him the same way I do offline. And I can't land...
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    Whats Your Personal Bad Matchup?

    I just CAN'T play against metaknights, when I go to tourneys my Marth usually just glides through until an MK comes along. I don't really have any secondaries, and I just can't get to a MK! If I do manage to keep up I feel like I'm putting 3x as much effort just to keep it even until they find...
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    Ask a quick question, get a quick answer (The Marth FAQ's)

    Up-Smash OOS sounds like a great tool, but I was wondering if it's fast enough to be used against every attack? Would the lag after Metaknights d-smash for instance be enough to throw out my own Usmash?
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    Shaya's Marth at TOURNAMENTS!

    I like your Marth. I have a question though, in that first match against wolf you had a lot of opportunities to DS OoS but you used fsmash instead, is that a better option? It seemed like DS would've been very effective.
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    MBR Presents: Marth AT- DS ledge grab

    awesome tech and easy to learn. gonna try it out in a tourney tomorrow.
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    As a Smasher.

    Smash gave me teh catlyke reflexes! It also taught me how to please women. Thanks smash!
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    ****** shields

    This works when used sparingly I've noticed. You wanna tip the first f-air and on your way backwards get some distance and throw out the shieldbreaker.
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