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Recent content by swanized

  1. swanized

    Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!

    you don't even meet those qualifications
  2. swanized

    [Serious] Tier list (order of characters only, Dreamland-based)

    Tournament name: HandsomeTom 1. pikachu 2. Kirby 3. Fox 4. Falcon 5. Yoshi 6. Puff 7. Mario 8. Samus 9. DK 10. Luigi 11. Link 12. Ness
  3. swanized

    Marth Up-b edge Cancel

    to edgecancel your upB you need to land on frame 27 exactly. Good luck with that
  4. swanized

    Is it time for me to learn a secondary?

    If you think the sheik matchup is impossible you're definitely not at that level yet
  5. swanized

    Is Taunting a Sign of Disrespect?

    scrubs taunting a better player is super disrespectful. Otherwise I don't mind.
  6. swanized

    How do I apply pressure with Marth?

    wavedashing one way, dashing the other so the momentum of your wavedash counteracts the momentum of your dash and your dash seems very slow.
  7. swanized

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    is marth's first hit of side-B safe on shield?
  8. swanized

    Polybash XIII - March 1-2 2014

    HandsomeTom speaking 1st - CT EMP Mew2King I'm sad we didn't get to play that much, your execution is amazing :O 2nd - Kirbykaze Housing you was a lot of fun :D, you taught me so much this weekend! Glad you got that passport situation sorted out and I hope you don't mess up your execution and...
  9. swanized

    New Marth Main

    there's 10 000 players in New Jersey lol
  10. swanized

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    1) unless you are always consistent with pivot D-tilt I think Wavedash in place dtilt is perfectly sufficient 3) just do a tight dashdance around them, shielding takes a few frames and wavedashing out of it takes 15 frames and is slower than a simple dash, someone could prove me wrong though.
  11. swanized

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Good stuff PP. Really happy for you :)
  12. swanized

    Chaingrab Question

    Chaingrabs in marth ditto are not legit. This chaingrab is not optimal but usually works kinda well and is easy: 0-20 regrab 20-33 pivot regrab 34- roughly 45 uptilt--->regrab (might have to straight up regrab is they fully DI away) after that upair---> Fsmash optimal chaingrab by Beat! can...
  13. swanized

    Data Mah0ne's Stuff about Puff

    do you guys happen to know at which percentages up-smash starts to kill every relevant character with perfect DI on each stages? (I'd mainly like to know bout sheik and marth though)
  14. swanized

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Marth boards should all go get some taco bell at Apex
  15. swanized

    Definitely C-Stick... But how?

    Use claw grip and you'll be fine
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