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Recent content by Swaggy-G

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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Can someone explain to me what exactly makes Greninja good? I've seen a ton of people ITT say things like "how can you say [character A] is good and not mention Greninja" and "Greninja is underrated for sure", but rarely see anyone actually discuss his strengths or results. What gives?
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Dark Samus is shorter than Samus, so her attacks have an easier time hitting grounded opponents. She also sidesteps instead of going into the morph ball when side-dodging, so she can act out slightly faster. My guess is that they didn't realize that DS is technically a better character until...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Oh, I certainly don't mind, I'm just surprised by how common it seemed to become all of a sudden.
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Kinda off topic, but why is everyone referring to Ivysaur as "her"? I thought Puff and Pikachu were the only pokemon with definitive genders. It feels recent too, I don't recall people calling Ivy female before.
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    [SPOILER ALERT] - The Sevens Squares. - A Square-Enix general support threads.

    Thing is, they didn't even do the bare minimum. They went below that. Adding a bunch of non-remixed FF songs would have been effortless, yet they only have the two of them. For god's sake, he's one of the only fighters whose fighter spirit uses his Smash Ultimate render, despite having perfectly...
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    [SPOILER ALERT] - The Sevens Squares. - A Square-Enix general support threads.

    I just... can't see us getting another Square Enix character. Not after the way that Final Fantasy was represented.
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    'Brave' New Character (datamined)

    Are people still thinking that this is Edrick or Sora? I'm sorry, but after the treatment that Final ****ing Fantasy got I just can't see us getting another Square Enix character. Height is size a modifier for the model. It doesn't mean anything without it. EDIT: Okay I read the last few...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    ESAM made a video about this actually:
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    New advanced technique: Dial Storage

    TLDW: When holding B to change your Monado Arts, there will normally be 10 frames before the dial shows up. This technique skips those frames, letting you instantly change your arts and also nullify aerial landing lag. There is also a more complete guide in the video description. I will...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Does Ridley ever see any use with his down-B in tournaments or is the move just not worth it?
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    How do you beat Classic Mode on 9.9?

    I think if you die even once it's impossible to get 9.9. The score caps at 9.8 no matter what.
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    Out of all the ATs, who got the worst fan backlash?

    Was it? Yes, Isaac fans were sad for a while, but I don't recall them sending abuse to Sakurai over Twitter because of this.
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    Absolute best way to practice short shop F-Airs in training mode?

    There are two ways to short hop Fair. The first is to jump and attack in front of you at the same time. The game recognizes this as a shortcut so you'll automatically do it. However there's not much to practice. The second way is to a short hop, and then use the Fair. This has benefits over the...
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    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    Galeem and Darkhon are better final bosses than Tabuu.
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