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  • Hey superstar, I saw you deleted a message in my VM. What did you want to say to me?
    im pretty sure 6 and 7 are, (though im not sure which book)
    8 is kindof obvious when you hear the answer,
    and then the other 2 you can find somewhere over the internet.
    (actually, you could really find all 5 of them on the internet if you looked hard enough)
    so some may not be in the book, but i was not under the impression that they HAD to be in the book. as long as you could find the answers from the books, internet, family, friends, ect., i THOUGHT they were perfectly legal
    Yeah I guess. But what my dad likes about him which is true is that Manning changes his play just about every play so it makes the D-fence really confused.
    Haha did you see the game a few days ago? HAHAHHAHA 11 - 0 Angels. Tommy Hunter's a joke. (No offense)
    Lalalalala, tony romo is on fire.... Literally, not meaning oh he is so good. But in the term flames are erupting from his body.....
    I was asleep..... oo

    The elements of war: A snake video guide
    Why are you going out of your way to get the last post in EVERY thread in the Pool Room? :ohwell:
    :) You're missing the point. Yes, the first three went about the same as this one is going to go. But you have yet to give any reason to as why Meta Knight does not warrant a ban.
    Perhaps, but that does not mean he shouldn't be. Do you have any evidence to say otherwise?

    Just to be clear, the entire thing is NOT decided by the public poll. The Smash Back Room gives the final decision; this poll only gives the victors (Pro-Ban) some say (about two votes of sixty, I believe).
    The fact that other games do not ban their character does not mean that they should not be banned. Meta Knight does, in fact, fall under the category described as "broken." Meta Knight's existence in high-mid level play decreases the viability of several other would-be contenders like Olimar, Toon Link, and others. He detracts from the overall balance of the game, and is therefore worthy of a ban. The metagame is revolving around Meta Knight. An entire part of a specific character's overall viability is how they do against MK. More and more people turn to MK and begin to dominate others at their respective skill level. MK has no true counters, and only even match-ups at the worst.

    We have more than one poll because the situation is growing steadily worse.
    Why not? He unbalances the game; he has no bad match-ups (and therefore no counterpicks), infinite ways to recover to the stage, and an enormously safe ledge game (and ground game). MK has far too many safe options, and is the best character in the game by quite an amount. He holds more than a fifth of all tourney placings.
    Argh.... I feel like having some kind of debate somewhere. So should MK get the ban? (whatever you choose, I'm gonna argue the opposite :))
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