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Recent content by SUNG666

  1. SUNG666

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: The Arcadian @ Super Arcade! Nov 25th, 2013

    |||||||||| REFLECT |||||||||| Ups and downs, it was really fun overall. Obviously there were a lot of problems. If we were going to do pro-AM shoulda just stuck with the original plan, and just make people not into skill groups but just do our best on trying to give em a skill number and...
  2. SUNG666

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 8th edition! Nov 17th, 2013

    POOLS Ryo - Glad ta hear you're havin fun, hard life Act1ve - Your bomb usage is funny, it was working pretty well against me actually Fly_Amanita - Ggs, I'm changing up my whole game again BurgersPHD - Marth is hard, but you know when you HAVE someone, so make sure you take advantage of that...
  3. SUNG666

    FORTE feat. M2K, DoH, Sung, Texas' Best, and a $500 pot bonus - December 21st, 2013 - Austin, TX

    Hey, I'm like 90% confirmed to go to this Anyone wanna team?
  4. SUNG666

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    I've been practicing cg against fox on FD I wondered if it was really possible to shine out at 17%. I had my friend cg me with marth and for the life of me, I can't shine him out no matter how fast I mash or anything. It's until like 23% where marth just can't grab anymore from no DI and has...
  5. SUNG666

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Didn't know how to cut videos on a mac so I quickly dl'd a free trial video editor, which said there'd be a watermark. Unfortunately, I didn't think it'd cover the whole freakin screen. I didn't know about twitch tools, really useful info thanks. Me v Fiction...
  6. SUNG666

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Super awesome post with the cg flowchart Beat! Should I dash JC grab if they DI after 17%? So I played all Marth in tourney this weekend (got 3 sets streamed) I was trying to focus on getting hits from dash dancing in the neutral game from talking about it with Umbreon and others? on a random...
  7. SUNG666

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 7th edition! Nov 3rd, 2013

    POOLS Squid: I watched the set again and it being dumb was the only thing I could think of. I mean...I felt like you just lost instead of me winning. I don't think it's about approaching more but it's definitely about being confident with anything you do. If you're plannin on doin somethin...
  8. SUNG666

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 7th edition! Nov 3rd, 2013

    Oopsies sorry non-OXY Zeo :[ Shoutouts will be edited here later
  9. SUNG666

    SoCal Melee PR 12/29/2013 Update

    Hahaha panelists :| Sometimes it means a lot more doing $5 MMs than for some people doing $10. Even so, I'd say ~20$ 3/5 tourney ruleset would be acceptable. I also think it would have to be arranged before hand to let people know about it (on smashboards/facebook whatever). I would consider...
  10. SUNG666

    Level|Up & Team OXY present: Super Smash Sundays @ Super Arcade! The 6th edition! Oct 20th, 2013

    POOLS Gravity - Heyyy ya didn't use Mewtwo last time we played friendlies! But whatever you have more fun with is great. Ya even got me once with that BF drop. I really like your use of airdodges too. Hmm... you're lookin at a hard road in front of ya heheh. KP - Nice edgeguards on me with...
  11. SUNG666

    Q&A Sheik Strategy & QnA

    ^Love the charmander ava Your play surprised me from what I watched on stream, ya have some good stuff
  12. SUNG666

    Black N' Blue UCSB Melee Tournament 10/12/13

    Thanks everyone for comin out it was super fun Yall are great at utilizing rolls and airdodges, I never roll so I tried using it more it definitely has great uses I learned a lot and I forgot how amazing it was to just play and play and play instead of messing around TOing and all of that...
  13. SUNG666

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    It's definitely true, you can also do it with the single first hit nair, land, dash
  14. SUNG666

    The Big House 3! Pools Predictions and Stream Requests

    I can't wait to watch west coast!!! GO CALI!
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