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    Kadano's controller mods (consistent shield drops, hybrid gate &more) (list with details and prices)

    Hello @Kadano , let me know if the format is wrong. A0, A2B (ESE,WSW) A3, B5, B6, C=Smash Black, D2b, E2
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    Meta Knight Slack
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    Hey Solharath, we played at shuffle in pools (Metaknight / fox player) After playing you I...

    Hey Solharath, we played at shuffle in pools (Metaknight / fox player) After playing you I really want to pick up sonic for pm, can we chat sometime? Looking for overall game plan and tips
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    Shuffle VII Results

    Shoutsouts to All our doubles friends @CyrusShadowBlade @YaBoy for a insane first round of bracket Also, sorry to the guy I timed to win ya know?
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    Cincinnati Smash Classic - 3/23/15

    I had fun. Me and Tako won money w/ DDD + Puff Papa - had a great time playing you in pools SoulPech - Thanks for saying I was not free in PM bracket Everybody else I hope you had a good time.
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    [Mar 7, 2015] The Early Bird Special (Carmel, IN) - Results

    Thanks for hosting the tournament IN. This was my first IN tournament and I had a great time. Awesome venue and great TO's. For what its worth my melee characters were Fox / Puff. In the results it says I played Peach. Quick shout outs to @viperboy_74 / @Lemon - had an awesome time playing...
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    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    Ohio (mainly Columbus) is really good at PM.
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    Cincinnati Smash Forever - 1/24/15 - Smash 4 WiiU, Melee, and PM

    1: Drephen :sheikmelee: $275 - I'm glad you asked me to explain how I rested you so many times. Made me feel special. 9: Mudkyp :peachmelee: - Bruh I thought you said you were atleast 5-7th in cincinnati yet you cant make top8? 13: SneakyTako :marthmelee: - PJSALT 25: Kaiser :foxmelee: - Fox...
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