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    Cutest things in the game?

    Falco's butt :3
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    Super Smash Bros. Crusade - This game WILL be made

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    Brawl picked up by EVO....Good or Bad?

    Akuma shouldn't be banned automatically (I know this is what you're saying) due to a grandfather clause because testing for his balance should be a FAR easier process than testing for balance of items. All you have to do for tesing Akuma's balance is compare his statistics & framedata to other...
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    Brawl picked up by EVO....Good or Bad?

    I like how so many people are comparing fast-paced, dexterity-based fighters to slow-paced, mental-based card games. Spontaneity in fast-paced games has a deeper effect than it does in slow-paced games, because in slow-paced games you have time to contemplate the situation and react based on a...
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    Super Smash Brothers Crusade - v0.9.0 Demo Available for download!

    I'm not against him, I'm just being honest in that his dream is completely unrealistic and unattainable in the current state. For the record, if he made his own original characters, that wouldn't be a new smash bros game. It would be an entirely different game.
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    Official Brawl Tier Discussion (OP Updated)

    It's not that complicated. Tier lists are determined by the characters' number of good matchups as opposed to bad ones. Characters at the top of a tier list should have at least a slight advantage against most characters (6-4) excluding possible counters. Characters at the bottom of a tier list...
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    Most Difficult Challenges

    I've done all of those but #4. Just beat Boss Battles on Intense last night. It's still tough but just pick Fox and run away/laser/reflect. To the red rings thing, I don't see how you beat boss battles at all without knowing you could dodge through them xD Lessee... I have to beat Classic...
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    Olimar is banned, right?

    I think people are underestimating a bit how often characters get banned in fighting games. It's not very often, but it's not "only 3 characters in history". Justice and Kliff were banned in Guilty Gear, and that's only one series. Generally though, characters are only banned if they weren't...
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    Brawl Tier list

    Ah. Mah bad. Couldn't tell he was joking. :p
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    Brawl Tier list

    Or for intelligent people who realize that no matter how balanced a game is (Read: Guilty Gear) it's STILL going to have a tier list.
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    camping and spacing

    *Bridget player* :D Yea. I don't really understand the term "camping". I'd understand if the projectiles were inescapable and infinite, but they're really not.
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    Brawl picked up by EVO....Good or Bad?

    Yeah. It's really kind of ironic, considering most SRKers (from what I've seen) are very elitist & strict. @ to lightXdream: Yes, holding a side-tourney would be perfectly fine. Us Guilty Gear players are forced to do so because of *ramble ramble*, pointinhand Guilty Gear draws tons of...
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    Super Smash Brothers Crusade - v0.9.0 Demo Available for download!

    Ok. First. This is a terrible thread. Having been in the Game Maker / RPG Maker / WC3 Maker / and SC Maker communities, I can tell you now this game will NEVER see fruition. Second. Game Maker is TERRIBLE software. Ok, maybe not terrible for silly small games, but if you really want to...
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    Smash in 2007: Year in Review

    X3 I thought ChuDat was gay until further down the post I realized Husband was the guy's alias. Nice thread, though. This has gotten me really excited about competitive Brawl ^_^
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    No Tiers in Brawl: Theory of Character Counters

    ....Of course certain characters will be able to counter others. In every fighting game, some characters are better against some and worse against others. In more balanced ones, low tier characters may have advantages against high tier ones. The whole idea of a tier list is that those on top...