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  • Ok.

    First. This is a terrible thread. Having been in the Game Maker / RPG Maker / WC3 Maker / and SC Maker communities, I can tell you now this game will NEVER see fruition.

    Second. Game Maker is TERRIBLE software. Ok, maybe not terrible for silly small games, but if you really want to make a game do it through 3D engines and actual languages. OpenGL and DirectX are your best bet. C# or C++ are good languages to use for advanced games. If these are too hard, then settle for less and start with easy to make games. Example: PONG.

    If you try to reach space using stacked rocks, you're not going to get very far. Really, thats about as good of a comparison as something like Game Maker is to hard coding your own game.

    Next. There's a reason why games like smash take so long to create. EVEN if it was made in all 2D it would still take a while to get the game out to play. This **** doesn't just fly right out of the oven when someone writes down some ideas for a game in notepad. There's a lot of work. A LOT of work.

    Also, if you're going to create something this massive, be original. Don't make Final Fantasy XV, Smash Brothers 6, or Halo 4. Make an ORIGINAL game. EVEN if you actually get far into the creation of the game, and that's a HUGE if, you'll most likely get a cease & desist from Nintendo, and all of your precious work will have gone to waste. Example: http://www.opcoder.com/projects/chrono/
    This team however was much different from a game like this, as it wasn't one person trying to conquer the world - it was many dedicated individuals that spent an enormous amount of time on a true 3d recreation.

    Having been in the communities mentioned above for so long, I usually expect topics like this to get flamed and bashed as they usually are in the game making communities, because topics like this NEVER see reality. "IMA MAKE THE NEXT CHRONO CROSS WITH LIUKE 150 NEW AREAS TO EEXPLORE AND 200 SONGS AND 4 LAVOS'"

    Start Here: www.microsoft.com/express/
    Then Here: http://www.gamedev.net

    Make a few 20 - 30 games using OpenGL, DirectX, etc.
    --- Then, if you still feel up to it, make the thread. Right now all you're doing is creating question marks () for all of those who are not that savvy with the game making scene.

    Remember this? I think GM is actually pretty good, now that I've seen it CAN make a Smash game.
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