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Recent content by Stride

  1. Stride

    netplay/online in nintendon't

    You can't do netplay on a Wii. Maybe at some point in the future someone will make a crazy hack that lets you do it, since the Wii does have the ability to connect to the internet, but that's basically fantasy for the foreseeable future, and may just be completely impossible. Plus Dolphin with...
  2. Stride

    Falco Wavedash Questions

    If you jump, you pressed L/R too early or didn't press it at all. If you visibly leave the ground then airdodge back down rather than just sliding, you pressed L/R too late. See which one you do and adjust accordingly until you get it right. Falco's wavedash timing is pretty slow (5 frame...
  3. Stride

    Is it possible to Install Project M Without an SD Card?

    If your Wii is modded you can run it off a USB drive just like you'd run it off an SD card. But if you want the hackless version you need an SD card, since it exploits a bug in Brawl reading from an SD card in the custom stage maker to load the Project M files. SD cards are easy to buy on the...
  4. Stride

    Should I sell smash wii u for melee

    If you want Melee then get Melee. If you want Project M then get that (though there might not be as much of a scene around you). Melee and Project M will still be around when Ultimate comes out. Smash 4 will definitely die. Honestly a Melee disc is expensive and quite rare so you'd be better...
  5. Stride

    How to deal with getting bodied?

    Dude, everyone who's good had to get **** on over and over to get there. That's fighting games. That's any competitive endeavour. That's life for the most part. You have to accept that you're going to suck. You also have to enjoy the experience of playing regardless of whether or not you win...
  6. Stride

    Stop Falco Recovery

    Well, throwing yourself into Falco doesn't actually stop him from moving, so uhhhh...I don't know about that. I wish it did work because I'd love to be able to just jump out and take 7% from a side-B to guarantee a kill rather than having to cover it properly lol. Basically just watch good...
  7. Stride

    How to convince parents to let me go to tournament

    If you have local tournaments that are close to you then it'll be a lot easier to convince them than if you have to take like a 3 hour coach ride or something to get anywhere. Plus it depends on what degree of independence your parents allow you in general, and just generally how open-minded...
  8. Stride

    Problem (New to melee)

    If he's consistently hitting you with a move from the full stage away that means you're consistently dash-dancing the full stage away. You can't just sit in the corner and wait for him to come to you all the time. Dash-dancing works because you threaten space without committing very much. If you...
  9. Stride

    How to impliment L-canceling into my gameplay?

    I mean maybe that method works for you, but I can only imagine it making things worse since the timing windows for wavelanding and L-cancelling don't overlap at all; you can only L-cancel during the move, and you can only waveland after the move. You probably shouldn't be thinking of it like that.
  10. Stride

    How to impliment L-canceling into my gameplay?

    There's no difference in hitlag on hit and on shield.
  11. Stride

    How to impliment L-canceling into my gameplay?

    You want to L-cancel every aerial, so it's simple: you just keep trying to do it until it becomes a habit. If you just remember to do it (very important; forgetting to do something you want to implement when you're caught up in the moment is a big obstacle to learning) and pay attention to your...
  12. Stride

    Gaming Monitor = Playable?

    Keep in mind that you don't actually want less input lag than a CRT, because your timings will be off from the tournament standard (although it'll actually feel better than console/CRT unlike a setup with more lag, but what are you gonna do). The lower input lag is useful because it compensates...
  13. Stride

    Difficulty with l-cancel timing for SH-Dair-Nair

    It's a combination of prediction and reaction. The more you get used to the situations you'll have to encounter the better you'll be able to recognise and anticipate how to adjust your timing. Honestly, I don't know a real method for learning it (beyond the normal "pay attention to what you're...
  14. Stride

    Tips on up-throwing any character with Marth?

    If you throw quickly enough, the opponent can't mash out after the first pummel because you are actionable before they leave hitstun. This applies to all pummels, but since they can escape in the window between pummels, the only time it's guaranteed at low percent is after the first. See the top...
  15. Stride

    Melee Shield Dropping

    It's a 2 frame window with a fairly precise analogue input. It's inconsistent, especially under pressure. A 2 frame window with a button input (i.e. a digital one) is hard but learnable; a 2 frame window with an analogue input both adds a significantly greater level of inherent inconsistency...
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