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  • No, they stoppped a while back. In fact, it was basically around the time you stopped playing. All the other regulars left too lol.
    I can brawl anytime after high school I'll be checking in a lot today so just pm me any time for our match and I should be ready
    Tuesday today or Tuesday of next week? If you need to contact me, AIM is a lot more reliable than me reading my mail on Smashboards. My AIM is in my profile. Hope to fight you soon. XP
    Actually, I did not want to go Snake but I had to because of the lag....and Snake is least effected by the lag. I could not do the mortar slide nor do marths forward b which is the bread and butter to my marth offense...It took me some time to get used to the lag in our match but nonetheless, a good set. Best of luck in the rest of the tourney. Please report the match in the thread.
    Actually, we'll just communicate on the wii to keep it simple...so we dont have to type on here 50 million times.
    Whoever loses the match needs to then tell the other person where we will be going...then that person picks their character and tells them who they will be selecting to play as....and then you pick your character and the 2nd match begins. Then we just repeat that process if it goes to three games. Good luck
    please go on now! I am on and as are you and contact will be best if we do it now! Thank You! Remember-First stage is set to RANDOM out of lylat, pokey stadium I, Final Destination, and smashville.
    Actually, do you want to just play the match now? It will only take a couple of minutes to play it. The first match will be set to random out of the neutrals and if its either yoshi or battlefield we start over and then from there whoever loses will message the other person to tell em where they want to go.
    Alright, sounds good. Yeah, tomorrow is fine....just TXT my cell phone # that i left you or IM me on my sn when you want to play. Today after 10PM (Eastern Standard Time) i can play the set if you want.
    You and I are playing the first match for Hot and Fluffy. Please tell me the stages you want to ban. You can ban 1 counter pick stage and 1 neutral. I choose to ban Battlefield and Delfinos Plaza. please contact me on AIM at Yourstillxwithme or Private message me asap so we can play our match. Thank You and best of luck to you sir.
    Yeah we both made a few mistakes, haha did manage to kill ourselves once or twice in either games. Good games though I'd be up for friendlies if you ever wanted them. You know you can use side B with IC for a recovery, even if u just have one of them aswell? keep pressing b
    I'm sorry, but i will only be available in the evenings this weak, i hope its alright.
    So may i suggest Wednesday around 18:00 AM?
    I will be in the friend finder around that time every day.
    I 3 stocked you the 2nd match so you had to have 3 stocks.

    You can't start with 2 when I start with 3... -___-
    If you want a redo that's fine you can't have someone start with 3 and the other 2 though lol.
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