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  • XDA Dev forums had 20 times more the amount of people Smashboards has and I had to moderate a whole section of the forum (as opposed to just one forum aka Workshop), so you couldn't even leave your computer for 15 min without finding your thread buried pages in.

    And if you do something serious (spam the boards, etc) we can temp/permaban without question, but it's something the administrators are going to have to review as well.
    I didn't actually become active in the Workshop until my minor piece of software (Brawl+ Autoupdater) became very popular and used as a main source of installation. As I started to help out more in Workshop other than the updater I guess that's how I became a mod today.

    The way bans work is that if the number of infraction points (Minor spamming is 1 infraction point, Multi-Posting is 2 infraction points, etc, it's all in the Global Rules) reaches 6 points, they'll be banned until an active infraction expires. Thus why people hate to find out their PM is "You have received an infraction at Smash World Forums". I've been moderator/administrator at more stressful sites than SWF ;)
    No, thank god for the "Close Topic" option :p I actually don't use infractions/bans all too much for people posting new topics, it's mostly just people asking questions or showing off their latest PSA or texture hacks, but I think ever since the new Welcome Wagon went up we've been seeing less "how do I do this?" questions luckily.
    What do you think I tried to make the announcement on top of the forum for? :p Sadly, nobody reads the announcement either, so both ways are kind of useless which is how I have to close topics or remind people where to go when they need help :ohwell:
    You're welcome =) You're the first person who's thanked me lol

    Yeah, this has been one of the hardest forums I've moderated, but I've managed to keep it clean and organized since I got the job :D, and there have been amazing people helping w/ the organization too and making this forum great, like CyberGlitch and his music hub, brawlshifter and his character archive, just to name a few.
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